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EverRise Teases Mult-Chain Compatible NFTs Integrated with OpenSea

The integration could offer versatile access to influential marketplaces for NFTs on several chains.

NFT Compatibility on EverRise

Long-awaited and eagerly anticipated, cross-chain bridgeable NFTs may well be a reality after EverRise’s latest hint on Twitter. 

The project pointed toward Open Sea access for NFTs on several chains in a tweet on the brink of the new year. The excitement that this could bring does not seem to have fully materialized.

"Did someone say cross-chain bridgeable #NFTs via EverBridge (BSC, ETH, Polygon) and OpenSea compatible?" tweeted the protocol on December 31. "Are you ready?"

Famed for its ability to offer users the chance to utilize chains in one supply with access to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and Ethereum, EverRise’s tweet will excite many. In a market where moving digital assets can often prove to be a sticky process, this will be welcome news for many interested users. 

The impact that this development will have on the general NFT market is not yet clear. Many will hope that easy migration may have a stimulating impact on NFTs on BSC, which have admittedly lagged behind NFT projects on competing chains. 

Regardless of where you hold NFTs on, easier accessibility is something most people have thrown their support behind and EverRise will see added interest as a result. The future certainly looks multi-chain.

What is EverRise?

EverRise is a blockchain technology firm that provides bridging and security solutions across various blockchain networks enabled by an ecosystem of dApps (Decentralized Applications). The team consists of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that aim to make the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem better. The main objective of the company’s ecosystem is to provide tools to the market so that it can self-regulate and provide assurance to the participants, which would allow DeFi to reach its true potential.

Find more about EverRise here:

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