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June 14, 2021


So let's get started...

1. Can you tell meexactly what is Euler Tools? What does it offer for users?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

We are the first platformbuilt on top of the blockchain, we aren't a niche solution that focuson a single piece of the ecosystem, but instead we are building thefoundations to be able to create a whole integration andbidirectional layer between the blockchain and the real world usecases. We have owned nodes, data pipelines, alerting, telegram bots,and an awesome User Interface to explore and understand theblockchain!

This means in our customerbase we can include from casual traders/investors to enterprisecompanies wanting tailored solutions for their business.


Got it, so it is not onesingle specific issue that you are trying to solve within blockchainbut you are adding features to the entire ecosystem by laying thatfoundation?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

Exactly, we are treatingthe blockchain (s) as a whole, interconnected data layer that'screating a giant business ecosystem. Hence, we are not focusing on anspecific piece of it, but into the domain that it represents. We areconsidering that this is a new area of business that needs the exactsame solutions as any other fintech area, and we are setting up thefoundations to build on top of them anything. From block explorers toalgorithmic trading, or VAT/Taxes calculators.


Got it, understood.

Yeah that is interestingthough, never saw it as needing all the same tools and solutions asfintech because of that fact it is decentralized

But yes that completelymakes sense that it does haha

2. Can you tell usabout your background, how did it come that you came to start EulerTools? Did you feel as though an all encompassing tool such as yourproject was missing from BSC?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

I'm a former interiordesigner and construction cost manager, I started working as a CADTechnician, and ended up managing construction projects above 200mEuros. Then I had a crysis, I discovered that I didn't likeconstruction, I liked computers, and I moved to Argentina (fromSpain) to study computer engineering, after 5 years I become theMichelin North America Engineering Manager, and after 2 years ofworking there I resigned to move to the crypto space.

I started trading hardafter that, made a 10x in 2 days. And the third day I got liquidated☠because I forgot an stop loss on a cross margin order hahaha

Then I thought: where didthis money come from, and where is this money going? There'ssomething going on in the blockchain, and I'm missing it. I decidedto become a crypto developer (because my trading career was alreadydone) and got in contact with Wault Finance (a project I reallyrecommend because they are beasts!) they gave me an opportunity tostart developing for them, and after a couple weeks, Creppy, told methat I should build my own project, that the solutions I proposeddidn't exist.


Okay wow so a lot ofaccomplishments and that is very hard to drastically switch fromsomething like construction to cyber and change your whole life topursue it as well

And man yeah that is abrutal loss haha

How long have you been inthe crypto space?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

As developer 3 months,before that I traded for a month, and I've been saving/investing inbitcoin since last march 2020

But yeah, 3-5 months indeep crypto


So not that long andalready finding solutions to the biggest problems in blockchain?That's impressive 👏

3. What is the overallmission or goal for Euler Tools that you had in mind when you begandevelopment

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

I wanted to provide a fullsolution for people to understand and work with the blockchain, youpreviously talked about decentralization, most of the people doesn'tunderstand that, the concept of not having rules, just trustlessinteractions, and not having anyone to complain is keeping 90% of thepopulation outside of the blockchain space.

The majority of thesolutions that exists either force you to understand how an smartcontract works, or to run a node in your home, like it was an easytask for my mom.

We wanted to provide aseamless, transparent, explained interface for the casual users, butbuilt on top of a powerful platform that allows companies, powerusers or governments to onboard safely into this environment.


Yeah it is understandablewhy that may create an aversion to DeFi while I'm assuming the ideaof decentralization is the reason why we in this room are here haha

But I see, your mission inessence in to bridge that gap between everyday people and theblockchain space by providing that transparency and trust forblockchain?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

That's correct, at EulerTools you'll find all necessary information to understand theblockchain, how a pair swap works, how a token is minted, if you arebuying the correct nft, if a project is a potential rugpull. Wedownloaded and parsed the whole binance smart chain, and we are doingthe same with polygon and ethereum as we speak, and with the wholeinformation on a single place, we will help people do their ownresearch. Moto is Don't trust, verify, but how can I verify? EulerTools will be the swiss army knife you need to verify.

Everyday people doesn'tknow about smart contracts, tokens, transfers, they don't evenunderstand they don't own the tokens, and that's the kind ofinformation they need to receive as transparent and as clear aspossible. Because blockchain only works if we all trust it.


Yeah no and I can see howEuler could be the tool that brings everyday people in blockchain

So while we will touchback on this soon, let's establish your token first

4. can you give us somemore info about the tokenomics as well as what $EULERcould be used for?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos, [Jun 14, 2021 at 8:31:58 AM]:

Euler is an utility token,that's all. The token can be used, right now, either to pay thesubscription on the platform, or to hold it and benefit from specialfeatures if you don't want any of the premium services. We stillwanted to create a token that serves a double purpose, that's why ithas a burn mechanism in place that will destroy 1% of the transactedtokens.

 After the paymentssystem is in place, you will be requested to hold 4000 $EULERto access freemium features. 40000 $EULERto access ALL FEATURES and on top of that receive a reward from everysubscription the customers pays.

And if you don't want tohold any quantity, you can still pay a quoted amount in US$, in it'sequivalent to EULER to access a monthly subscription.


Okay I see, so let's alsoget into more about your pricing tiers

5. Can you go over yourpricing tiers and what each one entails for users?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

We are building a freetier that's equivalent to every other tool in the market:

1)Blockchain explorer

2)DexTools for chartingand trading exploration

3)Wallet balance and somenotifications

Then with 4000 $EULERyou can receive extra alertings and features

We then have a first tierthat's meant for users wanting to store and read information from theblockchain, like saving portfolios, creating wallets, and viewingadvance metrics on the previous entities, like filter your wallettrades or deep search for gems in the blockchain.

And a tier 2, that's alsoincorporates interactions with the blockchain, like smart contractinterfaces straight to the swap pairs for example, and also, abidirectional communication through notifications and bots. Access tothe databases and API's.

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos, [Jun 14, 2021 at 8:39:50 AM]:

Pricing for the Tier 1 is149 US$, or 100US$ if you hold 4000 $EULER

Pricing for the Tier 2 is400 US$ or 299US$ if you hold 4000 $EULER

We will also create ondemand modules, for example, access to the telegram bots that can bebought isolated if you don't feel you want to go into any of thepackages.


I see and will this be aone time payment?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

It's a monthlysubscription, paid in its equivalent in EULER.


Oh okay thank you for thatanswer!

6. Is your site onlyfor BSC or are you able to utilize it from other blockchains? If notdo you have plans on expanding into other blockchains?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

We are introducing Polygonand Ethereum in the next days, the backend is already ingesting data.And later, we will also introduce Solana. And we will treat them thesame way, user won't have different interfaces, everything will behandled from the same interface he's already using.


Oh wow, do you have anidea on when this will be released?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

After we complete the mostpopular ones, we will jump into Polkadot ecosystem, Bitcoin, Doge,and at the same time, we will incorporate The Graph Nodes andChainlink and Band Oracles.

I just connected thepricing bots for Wault to the Polygon nodes, and I'm preparing thebackend to be consumed by the application. We should start displayinginformation in our site this week, and trades on the bots tonight!


That is a lot! Is it allgoing to be the same team or different teams for each blockchain?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

Same team, one platform.We standardized the information and we turned all entities intosystem messages that can interact to each other. Token Transfers,Swaps, Whitelisting, we are mapping every event and treating it likewhat it is, so we can react to it!


Awesome! Very exciting tohear!

7. You have recentlypartnered with Wault Swap, can you tell us more about thatpartnership?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

Well Wault Swap is ouralma mater, theypushed us, mentored us, helped us, and helped us get into the launch,I see it more like a symbiosis, even though they are moving wayfaster than us, we never lost their tail. They today launched Waultin polygon, and they are already breaking it! We are building thembots today, and we will also try to get closer to them as soon asthey get into a stable state, right now, they are fighting everybattle!

Our launch, farming pool,and now staking is managed by them, and we created api's for them toget to some milestones in their plan. And I plan to keep doing so.


I see, personally I am abig fan of Wault Swap so that is awesome to hear

8. Besides Wault, whatother projects are integrated within your ecosystem?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

We accept webhooks fromParsiq, and for some time we had in our frontend 0xTracker.appintegrated for their farming and yield manager. We are inconversations with a couple exchanges to provide them API's andtools.

And I was planning tooffer you apis and tools for the bsc.newssite, I saw you have an opening for a data tooling engineer yourcareers page, and maybe there's space for us to help you get the datain your site!



And yeah that would bevery helpful for us! Will make sure to bring that up in the nextmeeting

So a very importantquestion...

9. What sets Eulerapart?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

What makes us slower iswhat makes us strong. We aren't a meme coin or a pump and dumpproject. Our vision is to become the google of the blockchain, wehave a ton of information and we plan to sell it. People wants to beable to retrieve their data, to know if they are scammed, or to dobusiness in here. El Salvador is accepting Bitcoin. What does ElSalvador small business know about Bitcoin? How can they be payed? How can we help them? this is what sets us apart, we are global, bigand we are here long term.


That is great to hear

Fascinating how in thecrypto space it is rare to see such solid projects offering greatutility to users, that have a long term vision

10. Has your projectbeen audited? If so by who?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos:

Our only smart contract sofar is the Token, and it has been audited by quill, it's an standardERC20 contract with the slight difference of the burning mechanism.Every other contract we had/have it's under Wault ownership, and theydo full compliance research and audits on their side.


Ah I see, glad to see youguys are taking security seriously

Of course, as you said youare here for the long run

Last but not least

11. Do you have anyexciting news to share with us today?

Tebayoso| Euler.Tools CEO Jorge De los Santos]:

Yeah! A lot is going to becompleted in the next hours! The price bots, for both bsc and polygonare going to be up and running for any of the pairs in WSWap orPancake V1 and V2, just ping us to setup one of your own! We willalso introduce the rest of the alerts and notifications for liquiditydrains, or rug pulls, in the next days, and we will finish the walletbalance calculators. Alongside with that we are introducing a paymentsystem in our platform purely based in eulers and the blockchain.



Wow a lot of news! Musthave been working very hard!

Thank you for answering those questions for us it was very informative!


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