Enter Introduces BNB and BUSD to NFT Marketplace

The additions will help bolster liquidity in the Enter ecosystem as well as provide a wider range of accessibility for users.

December 4, 2021

New Payment Options

Enter has officially added BNB and BUSD as accepted currencies to their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces. Previously users could only use Enter’s native currency $NFTART, a hyper-deflationary token that serves as the governance token of the platform. 

With the addition, collectors and artists will be able to use two of the most popular currencies on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to trade their NFTs.

How it Affects Users

The change is welcome for BSC users as BNB and BUSD have strong support and liquidity. While transactions with $NFTART will only have gas fees, a 14% fee will occur on any transactions involving BUSD and BNB. 10% of these fees from BNB and BUSD transactions on all Enter platforms will be used to buyback and grow the liquidity of $NFTART. The remaining 4% will be used for marketing initiatives and to improve the Enter ecosystem.

As the project community has grown substantially since its inception, the need for a wider range of accepted currencies became stronger. Adding BNB and BUSD will increase the accessibility of Enter and enhance its potential for growth.

About Enter and NFTArt Finance

Enter is an NFT-based ecosystem on BSC that offers a variety of NFT services for artists and collectors. Their platforms are powered by the $NFTART governance token. The NFTART ecosystem consists of enter.audio (audio NFT marketplace), enter.art (visual NFT marketplace), and Enter X (Marketplaces for industry leading brands and IP holders.). Their offerings include NFT multi-minting, auctions, royalties, and payment splits for collaborators. The platform currently has about 1,500 artists and over 12,000 collectors in its community. 

Their marketplace is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to navigate. Launching (minting) an NFT through the Enter Art launchpad is open to anyone and simple to utilize.

With the buzz that still surrounds the NFT market, Enter offers an in-depth experience that capitalizes on the trending assets. With the addition of BNB and BUSD to the platform, the user options will be expanded - and the NFTART token will be strengthened as well thanks to the new source of liquidity provision.

The Enter Team is a creative force of developers, artists, musicians, and inspirational individuals. They unite in their passion for technology, creativity and community which constantly drives them towards greater productivity and success in what they do. After being serial entrepreneurs, world travelers, label managers, and team leaders, they are now working towards liberating the creative industries through blockchain technology and visionary ideas. 

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