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Ellipsis.Finance Launches ‘Capital-Efficient Crypto Swaps’ on BNB Chain

BNB Chain-based exchagne Ellipsis claims its new swap feature is more efficient than other DEXes, regardless of liquidity.

Liquidity Not a Factor

Crypto exchange Ellipsis.Finance has launched a new product to allow for efficient swapping of assets on BNB Chain.

The exchange posted an article on its Medium page on Aug. 11 announcing the launch of the new functionality where investors can swap crypto assets more efficiently. This product allows for very efficient swaps between stable pairs like ( BUSD <>USDC) and typical crypto pairs like (BNB<>USDT) on the BNB chain.

The project claims: “Given equal liquidity, Ellipsis pools will outperform x*y=k AMMs like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. Alternatively, equal performance can be achieved with less liquidity, meaning Ellipsis is now the best choice on BNB Chain regardless of liquidity.”

BSC News tested several combinations and Ellipsis did offer swaps that were equal in efficiency to, or slightly more efficient than, BNB Chain’s dominant Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Pancake Swap.

Ellipsis is an authorized fork of Ethereum’s

To list a coin on the exchange, fill out a listing form on Ellipsis’s menu. Then, provide initial liquidity to the pool and contact the exchange through the official Telegram channel for support and provision of token logos.

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