Elfin Kingdom Set to Expand With the Addition of User-Generated Characters

The Elfin Creator Program allows users to generate in-game characters as well as AI-powered campaign content to earn rewards.

Having recently launched innovative user acquisition campaigns including an NFT staking initiative and a Happy Hour series, the Elfin Kingdom team is continuing their quest to reach a wider web3 audience. This month sees the launch of the Elfin Creator Program, which invites web3 gamers and creators around the world to design their very own in-game characters.

Elfin Kingdom and Elfin Arcade

The upcoming public launch of Elfin Kingdom signals the team’s commitment to remaining a leading web3 game on BNB Chain; with funding from Binance labs and other leading crypto VCs, the game proved one of the most popular on BSC in 2022, gaining nearly 180,000 users in under 30 days.

With the development of the Elfin Arcade underway, a fully stacked gaming ecosystem, the Elfin team is aiming to draw avid web3 gamers, talented developers, and creators alike to their platform. An exciting opportunity for new users comes in the form of the Elfin Magic Unleashed event, which forms part of the longer-running Elfin Creator Program and looks to incentivize participation from the crypto gaming world by enabling anyone to design and submit their very own Elfin character to be included inside the Elfin Kingdom game.

Calling all Web3 Creators

The Elfin team has made it possible for anyone to design their own in-game character, supporting the use of various user-friendly AI-powered image generation and editing tools for frictionless creativity. This lowered the barrier to entry and enables users of all skill levels to experiment with different styles and create their own Elfin creatures that are truly unique.

"We should not underestimate the power of democratizing creation in web3 gaming.” Says Juan Ibagon, Founder of Elfin. “User-generated content is increasingly shaping the gaming industry as a whole and we believe that by empowering individuals to contribute their unique ideas, we create a catalyst for a more diverse landscape that is truly representative of its community.”

In addition to creating images, users can also use AI-powered tools to create videos and articles supporting the campaign; by offering an extensive spectrum of options, the Elfin team encourages creators to tap into their individual creativity, fostering unique and engaging content that will resonate with their growing audience. With a firm commitment to inclusivity and diversity, the Elfin Creator Program ensures that design artists, video content creators, and writers have a platform for their creative endeavors.

The Elfin Magic Unleashed Campaign launches on June 6 and runs for 14 days, giving creators ample time to submit their designs and content. Rewards for creators include ELFIN tokens, creator badges that provide access to the ElfinDAO and NFTs dropped in the game, which enable holders to gain extra in-game points when completing tasks.

For more information, please visit the Elfin Kingdom Zealy campaign page and follow Elfin Games on Twitter for updates.

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