DXSale Publishes May Update, Offering DxMint, a Custom Token Creation Service

DxSale launches new token DxMint among other important updates in their May Update report.

John Tunney
May 29, 2021
BSC News

Building for Success

On May 27th, DxSale released their May update, including some exciting news of their new token, DxMint. DxSale, to provide a quick overview, is an ecosystem aimed to allow users to create their own utility tokens all through one dAapp. The protocol aims to be an autonomous, decentralized and cross-chain, token management platform. DxSale within the last couple of months recently landed on the Binance Smart Chain, which can be read about more in depth here. Safemoon, Elongate and other tokens were all launched on DxSale. 

DxSale’s new token DxMint is a very interesting addition to the DxSale tool kit. DxMint is a verified, audited custom token creation service without any coding required. The SALE token also looks to help reduce presale failure and eliminate any fraudulent tokens being built on the protocol. Another benefit of the token to dApp developers is users can create their tokens without writing code. The infrastructure that DxSale brings hopes to bring dramatic improvements with the addition of their newest token. 

Some other quick notes from the May update:

  • The DxSale team also announced their move supporting Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, xDai for all our dApps
  • The Manual buy back and burn will now be done proportionally to the liquidity provided on BSC and ETH
  • v3 (version 3) is 70% done
  • The Bridge is 10% done - the team looks to build a bridge between ETH and BSC

The DxSale token SALE was trading at $.14 at the time of writing this article according to CoinGecko.

Something to Look Out For

DxSale introducing DxMint is just another example of the ingenuity and extreme lengths that crypto based developers are willing to go through in order to make their project stand out and succeed. The new DxMint token looks incredibly worthwhile for anyone looking to launch their own token, as the barrier to entry has now been significantly lowered by DxSale while at the same time focusing on safety. Avid crypto investors should keep their eyes out for new, exciting projects hitting the market! 

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John Tunney

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