Dvision Network Announces First Official Landsale on Metaverse

Dvision network will sell its land to users through a tripartite collaboration across three different platforms - Binance NFT, NFTb, and the Dvision Marketplace.

Enzo Martin
November 19, 2021
Blockchain News

A Metaverse Owned By Players

Dvision Network, a blockchain based NFT metaverse, announced its first official land sale, and opened up regarding the world it is constructing

The land sale will take place on November 24 at 11AM UTC, as confirmed via Dvision's Twitter and Medium channels. A total of 4430 plots of land will be up for grabs during the Dvision land sale and will be distributed through a tripartite collaboration. A little bit over 1450 plots of land at least will each be distributed through three different platforms. Binance users will be able to get their land plots via Binance NFT’s mystery boxes, NFTb users will be able to obtain their land plots via INO, while the rest will be on Dvsion’s own marketplace.

“OMG! It's finally happening! #Dvision 1st largest #LAND Sale on @BinanceChain on 3 platforms at once! @TheBinanceNFT LANDs via Mystery Boxes @nftbmarket LANDs via INO @Dvision_network LANDs directly in the marketplace How cool is this?” The official Dvsion network twitter announced through a tweet on November 18.

The Dvision Network team went on to further explain their vision for their metaverse through a medium post announcing the land sale on November 18th. Though the Dvision World land plots are a big part of their metaverse, it is not the end point of the game but rather the beginning of a much larger world being built. The developers imagine twenty meta-cities consisting of player owned meta-spaces that are connected to one another. Two of these twenty meta-cities, Seoul and New York, are part of this tripartite land sale.

What is Dvision World?

Dvision world is a player owned metaverse where you can create, trade, and play in. They utilize their own cutting edge VR technology to create a very immersive space players can interact with. Each of these meta-spaces are player owned and make up the larger area called meta-cities. Players travel the metaverse through their own avatars, create and trade their own NFTs, and do various activities inside the game. Visit their website to get to know more about this project.

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Enzo Martin

Enzo is a proud Filipino with a master's degree in Economics from the International University of Japan. He is heavily invested in researching economic principles that govern the crypto and P2E space. Outside the blockchain network, Enzo plays various sports, loves to travel and takes a lot of photos. His heaviest bags are in Ethereum, NFTs, and multichain Play-to-Earn projects.

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