Duck vs. Bear: RichQuack Social Activity Battles General Crypto Downturn

by BSC News

September 30, 2022


The RichQuack community crushed it on social media in the past month, but the price of $QUACK wasn't spared from the September blues.

RichQuack Has the Most โ€˜Street Credโ€™

Hyper-deflationary BNB Chain memecoin RichQuack ($QUACK) spent most of the last month ranked as the number one meme token by social score, according to data from LunarCrush.

Facing strong headwinds in the bear market, however, the price of $QUACK has been trending in the opposite direction.

According to data from The Gem Hunters, RichQuack closed the quarter as the memecoin with the highest daily social score. That put it ahead of larger-cap tokens such as Shiba Inu ($SHIB), DogeCoin ($DOGE), and Floki ($FLOKI).

According to CoinVote, as of Sept. 30, $QUACK was number one on BNB Chain for daily social contributors (with 2,300), ahead of BabyDogeCoin (590) and FLOKI (508).

Price Continues to Slide

Generally, there is a correlation between a crypto assetโ€™s social activity and its price, with growth in social corresponding to a rally in price. However that hasnโ€™t held true for RichQuack in the past month.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, on Sept. 1 $QUACK traded at $8.97E-10 and as of this writing had declined to $8.44E-10, a decline of 6%.

Much of that could be attributed to the bearish crypto market, with prices falling in September generally for meme and non-meme tokens alike:

  • Dogecoin - down 3%
  • Shiba Inu - down 9%
  • Floki - down 22%
  • Bitcoin - down 2%
  • Ethereum - down 13%

What Is RichQuack:

RichQuack is a community-driven project which was founded to give the best returns for the community effort of its investors. The platform's utility includes a decentralized multi-chain launchpad, raffles, and lotteries for holders of the QUACK token.

The platform's QUACK token is hyper-deflationary and rewards long-term holders with a portion of the transaction tax and early access to IDOs.

Where to find RichQuack:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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