DRIVENecosystem Announces Launch of DRIVENsecurity, Boosting Public Confidence in Crypto with In-Depth Security Audits

by BSC News

January 9, 2023


DRIVENsecurity offers a variety of security audits that are compliant with every EVM blockchain-based smart contract.

KALISPELL, Montana (December 26, 2022)—DRIVENecosystem, a cryptocurrency project focused on creating secure solutions for developers and businesses, has announced the launch of DRIVENsecurity, its division that is hyper-focused on revolutionizing security in the cryptocurrency space. Through its portfolio of auditing solutions, DRIVENsecurity goes beyond smart contract audits alone, offering a 360-degree approach to protecting crypto companies and wallets.

DRIVENecosystem formulates custom blockchain solutions for the protection of all types of sensitive and important digital information, from data to assets. By strategically utilizing the benefits of the blockchain’s inherent features, DRIVENecosystem improves upon the current data security infrastructure by adding a comprehensive security solution leveraging NFT-as-ID technology and private blockchains formulated to a tenant’s needs.

As a branch of DRIVENecosystem, DRIVENsecurity focuses on easy-to-read smart contract audits, DeFi security, fundamental project analyses, smart contract development and consulting. Through a robust portfolio of auditing solutions, DRIVENsecurity enables crypto project developers to advance a more comprehensive approach to security that goes beyond only smart contract audits, bolstering investor confidence in emerging and existing crypto projects.

“Security is the most critical element of any blockchain project,” said Paul Socarde, CEO & Co-Founder. “Those projects that can demonstrate they take security seriously will emerge as frontrunners in the hyper-competitive crypto space. DRIVENsecurity arms developers with a suite of different tools that build public and investor trust in projects and the teams behind them, enabling projects to grow more rapidly and meet their business objectives.”

DRIVENsecurity's core offerings include free static contract audits and technical audits. Each free static contract audit is completed in 3-8 days and provides a syntax overview and one free revision. The company's technical audits can be completed in 3-5 days and include contract debugging and one free revision. This detailed audit is thoroughly analyzed to uncover mistakes, flaws, and security vulnerabilities in the code to recommend improvements and solutions. Once completed, every audit is made available to the general public to build trust and demonstrate transparency.

Additional audit options include wallet forensics to uncover suspicious token liquidation from team members and any suspicious use of the tokens from provided liquidity pool, KYC verifications involving project leaders presenting personal identifying documents and verification of contract ownership, and fundamental audits that include a comprehensive evaluation of the project with security assessments of each component.

To learn more about DRIVENsecurity, request an audit, or view its repository of completed audits, visit https://www.drivenecosystem.com/drivensecurity.

About DRIVENecosystem

DRIVENecosystem aims to be a core component of the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the business sector for companies of all sizes. We will provide a secure solution for worldwide transactions of payments between businesses and their customers and are driven by our core values of innovation, security, quality, and empathy. To learn more, visit https://www.drivenecosystem.com/.

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