DOLZ.io - a New NFT Experience With an Adult-Themed Metaverse

DOLZ.io is building an ecosystem consisting of an adult metaverse where users can play, earn, and collect NFTs along with managing their own strip club.

What is DOLZ.io?

DOLZ.io is a unique adult metaverse developed by Totem Media, “a pioneer in relation to a large-scale and continuous distribution of high-quality adult content,” as per the whitepaper. The Media has also built the world’s first erotic virtual reality game in 2018, VR Paradise.

DOLZ possesses traits that are beneficial for gamers as well as NFT collectors. The project benefits from the Steam community of VR Paradise and iStripper, which has been a viral internet adult software since 1999.

The DOLZ metaverse is a huge opportunity to play, watch, earn, and collect NFTs according to the team. The entire ecosystem has the $DOLZ token at its core.

The project has been audited by Solidproof.io and has passed with zero red flags. The major NFT collections of the platform are: 

  1. iStripper NFT collection: A collection with a community of 200,000 owners. With each NFT card that you own, unlock a 40-minute erotic show. 
  2. VR Paradise NFT: Collection of 3D NFTs for the VR Paradise world, which can be used to maintain a gallery for the upcoming multiplayer mode and metaverse. 
  3. Partners: Includes all the NFTs which the partners and the users will create on the platform.


Features and Perks

The DOLZ token is the beating heart of the entire DOLZ.io ecosystem and can be used by members of the platform in a variety of ways. These tokens are equally beneficial to the NFT collectors as well as the gamers in the ecosystem. 

Exclusive Perks

DOLZ tokens have a number of exclusive perks for holders on iStripper.com and VRParadise.com, which range from discounts, unique content to access to exclusive NFT collections.

The platform will launch exclusive collections only for DOLZ holders, which in turn will unlock ultra-rare strip shows.  

Holders will have the opportunity to manage their own strip club, which can be customized with unique NFTs/items/outfits. Furthermore, holders can also use their collections in the metaverse, which will be launched soon, and show them off to their friends in the upcoming multiplayer game. 

NFT Mystery Boxes

Users can buy NFT mystery boxes of different rarities, ranging from standard to legendary, which can be traded on the NFT marketplace to earn DOLZ and other crypto-assets like USDT, BNB, and ETH.

VR Museum

The VR Museum is allotted to every DOLZ collector where they can display their prized possessions. The collection can be made public, and others can view the collection and leave a ‘like’ or comment on them. Viewers can interact with the collectibles in the metaverse and view them from all angles.

Fan Tokens

The DOLZ fan tokens give you a number of things to do in the ecosystem. Users can vote for the next iStripper shooting, favorite model, VR Paradise strip club map, and many more things. The owners of fan tokens are regarded as superfans, with the people with higher DOLZ staking enjoying higher privileges. 

Creator Platform

The DOLZ ecosystem has its own creator platform where users can develop and mint their own NFTs that can be used in the multiplayer game and the metaverse. All the required tools are provided to the designers and artists on the creators’ platform.


BabyDolz is the DOLZ reward currency and is a non-tradable asset. It can only be used to unlock unique NFT collections, which, in turn, can be cashed in to book profits and earn DOLZ in the marketplace. 

NFTs Farming and Staking

The process of staking and farming is simple. Users can stake their DOLZ tokens or provide liquidity with the DOLZ LP on PancakeSwap or Uniswap and earn BabyDolz, which can be used to unlock rare NFTs. 

Staking DOLZ-BNB will get users the highest rewards in terms of BabyDolz, which will be airdropped as per the user’s staking weight. DOLZ and BabyDolz holders can unlock mystery boxes.

Play and Watch to Earn

The DOLZ ecosystem rewards collectors, gamers, as well as developers. The players who put their time in the game and watch videos will receive BabyDolz as a reward. These tokens can be cashed in the form of NFTs, which can be sold on the secondary marketplace for stablecoins or DOLZ.

Above all, you can also earn DOLZ for free by participating in the giveaway. As many as 1,000,000 DOLZ tokens are up for grabs and will be airdropped to those who take part in the process.  


The total supply of DOLZ stands at 1,000,000,000 tokens with 1 DOLZ equal to $0.016. 

Source: Website

The presale will start sometime in February or March 2022 and is divided into 3 rounds. The first two rounds will be one week each, while the last round will last for over 4 weeks.

The whitelist for the first round of the presale is open with only 1000 slots, and those interested can apply here.

The platform also has a referral scheme wherein you can earn 5% of the invested amount in the DOLZ token as a bonus for each friend you share the link with.

Source: Whitepaper


The image below shows the roadmap of the entire project, which shows that the DOLZ ecosystem will be fully operational by Q4 2022.

Source: Whitepaper

The Final Call

The developer of DOLZ, Totem Media, has been in the adult industry for decades and has made an impact. The iStripper software has garnered a huge audience over the years. VR Paradise, launched on Steam in 2018, has also been very successful.

The DOLZ ecosystem is a place where developers, gamers, and collectors can work together and earn in a number of ways. Users can stake, farm, collect, create, and participate for a chance to earn. 

The platform has already been audited and provides every tool that a user might need to mint NFTs of their own and use them in the DOLZ metaverse. The platform also has prominent figures in the space as partners with whom NFT projects will be released.

For more information about DOLZ, visit the following links:

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