DogeBNB.org Token Price Surges Today by 3,700% After Coinmarketcap Listing

The listing comes as the project continues to upgrade their platform with new utilities.

Introducing DogeBNB.org 

DogeBNB.org token ($DogeBNB) is a meme currency powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the DogeBNB Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform. What makes the $DogeBNB token unique is how it uses community-driven gamification to grow its market cap. Community members can complete missions and unlock hundreds of millions $DogeBNB tokens. Visit the project's website for the full roadmap and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

After listing on CoinMarketCap, the DogeBNB token saw a 3,700% rise - an impressive amount of growth for the token.



What are the Benefits of $DogeBNB?

  • Still low cap. A perfect token for early adopter low cap gem hunters.
  • One of the most awesome communities in the whole of crypto.
  • Cutting-edge NFT marketplace coming soon.
  • The liquidity of $DogeBNB is locked forever.
  • 37% of the tokens are burned forever.
  • Tradable on PancakeSwap, Coinsbit and Azbit.
  • Limited edition NFT collectibles.
  • Burn mechanism coming soon. 

Initially released as a meme coin, $DogeBNB has become a BSC ambassador. The project is helping to onboard new people to the Binance ecosystem, building new and exciting innovations for the community.

$DogeBNB token is the core element of the DogeBNB.org future NFT platform. Making DogeBNB.org a meme token with utility that can be used to issue NFTs. Platform fees will be used to buy back and burn tokens.


DogeBNB.org is Launching With 110% APY Staking on Coinsbit

DogeBNB.org is excited to announce that the staking of the Dogebnb.org token is now live on Coinsbit. You can earn 0.3% daily or 110% yearly. Coinsbit is an award-winning cryptocurrency exchange that was unveiled in 2018. We encourage you to check out the project roadmap on the website for more details.


What’s Next for DogeBNB.org?

DogeBNB continues to improve its utility functions. The team has revealed that 20% of the fees collected for NFT trades on the DogeBNB.org NFT platform will be used to buy back & burn DogeBNB.org tokens.

This is an initiative from the team to increase the utility of the DogeBNB.org token, adding a substantial use case for the DogeBNB.org token.

If you have any queries or want to know more about DogeBNB, visit their official website for all the details. You can also check out their Twitter, Telegram, and Medium for more information and updates.

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