DNAxCAT Revamps GameFi Economics with Yooshi Support

The DNAxCAT team has recognized shortcomings in the early version and are prepared to do what’s necessary to get the game going in 2022.

Kyle Heise
January 9, 2022
BSC News

Changes Arrive to DNAxCAT

Adjustments to the game economic model, details to the upcoming Ladder tournament, and a marketing expansion were announced by DNAxCAT. With the help of the team at Yooshi, DNAxCAT is putting together a comprehensive improvement scheme at the beginning of 2022.

Following a release through the Binance Smart Chain PlayToEarn launchpad Yooshi, DNAxCAT is looking to the YooShi and StarMon teams to help fix some early flaws in the game mechanics. Detailed in a Medium blog from January 7, the DNAxCAT hopes new game mechanics can be boosted further by adjusting the rewards for the Ladder tournament and a marketing plan that will feature offline promotion. 

“No matter what happens, we appreciate your support to DNAXCAT and help from YooShi team to our technology and marketing resources,” read the blog from the DNAxCAT team. “After deep communication with YooShi team and StarMon team, we have decided to participate in upgrade of the economic model in the YooShi GameFi 2.0.”

The DNAxCAT team also explained that Japan will become the hub and catapult for a global marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will explore concepts like scholarships, real-world promotion, and more. The GameFi is showing decent popularity, landing in the top 5 of the BSCDaily Alt-Coin ranking from the first week of January. The GameFi certainly looks like it can find a niche crowd and sustain a healthy popularity. 


What is DNAxCAT

DNAxCAT is a decentralized Cat metaverse game built on BSC. It is a digital cat pet world where players can raise and breed cute cats and fight shoulder to shoulder in the adventure world. DNAxCAT also has an economy where players can sell and trade their game assets into cryptocurrency. DNAxCAT leads the trend of GameFi and “Play To Earn,” allowing players to earn by playing games.

Where to find DNAxCAT:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in ETH, CRO, CAKE, and BSC meme projects.

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