DigiToads (TOADS) Presale Breaks Records Over $4.3 Million Raised as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Stagnate

Offering an interactive play-to-earn virtual world and a unique staking feature, the rising utility meme token has achieved impressive numbers through an ongoing presale.

DigiToads (TOADS) has attracted the attention of many crypto whales and retail investors alike. Leaving established crypto coins like BTC and ETH in the dust, TOADS price records a 260% growth. The viral meme coin project has raised more than $4.3 million in a few weeks. Read on to find out why DigiToads is poised for massive growth while Bitcoin and Ethereum stagnate. 

DigiToads Steals the Limelight with Over $4.3 Million Raised

If you are looking for the best cryptos to buy now to keep your portfolio in the green, you are not alone. Recent turmoil among the more established cryptocurrencies has directed many investors towards DigiToads presale, which has amassed more than $4.3 million in a record time, turning it into one of the quickest growing erc20 coins on the market. 

The main catalyst for its quick growth and popularity among seasoned and novice investors alike is the fact that its ecosystem revolutionizes the crypto industry - this is the first utility token in the viral meme coin market. 

DigiToads combines an interactive play-to-earn virtual world with a rare stake-to-earn future, blending entertainment with robust opportunities for passive income. TOADS holders can join the play-to-earn game where they need to take care of their DigiToads characters, represented by unique NFTs, which can be personalized and improved in order to win fighting competitions. The most skilled gamers will receive TOADS as rewards, but the rest of the players will also be rewarded via monthly airdrops. 

Furthermore, investors in need of a more secure stream of income may buy trending NFTs from DigiToads’ marketplace and stake them. The staking pool collects 2% of all transactions on the platform and then rewards the holders. As the ecosystem keeps growing, patient investors stand to benefit the most from this system. 

The doxed team behind DigiToads is focusing extensively on turning TOADS into a mainstream token. They provide multiple incentives to encourage long-term buying and holding, such as weekly giveaways, gaming competitions, trading competitions, and many other contests specially organized for DigiToads’ vibrant community of supporters. 

Finally, the TOADS token is a deflationary asset, which means that token-burning events will take place to stabilize the token’s long-term value by reducing the supply. Corroborated with steady demand, this means that the value of the token is poised to grow in the future. 

For these reasons, this meme coin has gone viral as investors flocked to the website to buy their first tokens at a discount. Currently priced at only $0.036, the TOADS token is expected to launch at a minimum of $0.055, making it ideal for those who want to boost their portfolio. 

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Ethereum and Bitcoin Bears Thrive Amid Uncertainty

Bitcoin’s price stagnates as it once again fails to break above $27,000. Following BTC’s trajectory, ETH has recently started a fresh decline toward $1,700. 

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to remain “stuck” as the debt ceiling worries investors. Some say that this could be the moment of truth for the crypto market leaders.  The crisis could prolong as the US is only a few days away from defaulting on its debt. 


With both Bitcoin and Ethereum at risk of experiencing their worst month of this year, investors may want to consider uncorrelated digital assets like TOADS to keep their portfolios in the green. More than $4.3 million has already been raised, and the tokens are quickly selling out as investors are rushing to DigiToads to buy their first tokens ahead of the big launch. This could be the right time to join the presale and participate in the weekly giveaways worth $150,000. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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