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Digital Currency and Tokenization Have a Long-Standing Relationship with the Gaming Community

Digital currency and tokenization have a long-standing relationship with the gaming community. CryptoBlades is working as a decentralized gaming entertainment provider. The platform will offer an RPG game that requires the users to defeat monsters and gain skill tokens.

Play and Earn with CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is building a gaming-only decentralized crypto community working on the principles of gamifaction and staking. The community members can play games to earn skill tokens. Tokens can also be earned by defeating enemies, conducting in-game raids, and staking the existing rewards. With locked liquidity functions, every token earned by users holds a true value.

The decentralized approach of the game ensures that the developers are not able to make any changes to the game without consulting with the community. As a result, the CryptoBlades community will prevent any foul-play, fraudulent items and create an equal playing field for every community member.

Made by an award-winning game development team, Riveted, CryptoBlades also offers the craft of NFTs and in-game character customization.

Craft and Trade NFTs

The users can craft NFTs with the inclusion of powerful characters and weapons that can be traded on the marketplace. The same weapons and characters can be used in the gameplay to defeat enemies and win more skills.

Moreover, the users can customize and fine-tune the characters and weapons to add unique skills, traits, and abilities to build powerful characters or weapons. As a general rule, more powerful weapons and characters with higher skills tend to get higher trading prices.

Staking with SKILL without playing the Game

The users not interested in playing the game can still earn rewards and engage with the platform via staking. SKILL is the native cryptocurrency token that will be used as a medium of exchange on CryptoBlades.

Out of the total supply of the token SKILL, 100,000 (10%) and 200,000 (20%) tokens are kept for liquidity incentives and gameplay incentives, respectively. This allows users to earn tokens within gameplay; users will get more SKILL with more powerful and advanced weapons and characters.

About CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades will undergo an IDO with OxBull wherein the project aims to raise 1500 BNB from a three-tiered approach. The gaming community of CryptoBlades can earn while playing and staking. The ability to create and customize characters or weapons and converting them into NFTs for sale in the open marketplace provides another way for the community to earn and grow on the platform.

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