DexGuru: Unparalleled Coverage of On-Chain Markets

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trading is about to witness a significant boost with the planned release of the DexGuru smart, intuitive and straightforward trading analytics platform. The dApp successfully closed a seed phase of more than $1 million led by ParaFi capital.

May 10, 2021

What is DexGuru? 

DexGuru aims to be the best trading platform for modern Web3 traders across all major Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains. The platform is built with simplicity in mind and comes with an interactive and innovative UI. It features tools that help traders make the right trading decisions, track better analytics, and tokens of their interest. Through one platform, users can make their trade on any tokens, track portfolios and trading activities happening in real-time and get to chart their tokens!

Key Features

  • Real-time trading analytics
  • Advanced order routing 
  • TradingView charting tools 
  • Mobile friendly UI

Project Components

Trading Analytics:

As the market advances, traders need more than a simple UI/UX to make better-informed trades. DexGuru analytical tools offer a better way to monitor trades in a real-time on any EVM compatible chain and Dex; this includes any of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Dexes, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, DODO, etc.

DexGuru Analytical Tool UI

Traders using DexGuru have permissionless access to data in real-time, including charting, liquidity, pool activity, trading volume, and trading history. The process is entirely permissionless, meaning that by simply placing any token contract code in the search bar, DexGuru will provide deep research for free. This tool can give you all the insight you need for a token, how the market responds, and how other traders behave in real-time.

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A Dex and AMM Service

If any token gets listed on, say PancakeSwap, it is automatically discovered on the DexGuru platform; this is due to the permissionless indexing of each token market. DexGuru uses the 0x API to provide users with gas-efficient order routing. Users can make trades right on the platform of any tokens that have been listed on any of BSC Dex platforms.

So wait no more when you want to make a trade; simply connect your wallet to the platform and exchange in a gas-efficient manner.

Charting Tools

DexGuru comes with an integrated Tradingview charting tool to make charting tokens smooth and seamless. Knowing the technical analysis behind your trade will allow traders to make better-informed decisions.

Tools showing the trade activities of each wallet

This comes with a real insight that helps traders know the trading history by marking out trading addresses with unique emojis that indicate the type of trading activities that have been done.

For example;

🐢 – Casual Trader with $10k-$100k of a trading volume last 30 days

🦈 – Active Trader with $100k-$500k of a trading volume last 30 days

🐳 – Heavy Trader with $500k+ of a trading volume last 30 days

🤖 – Trader with 1000+ TXs in the last 30 days. Most likely a bot.

This is an excellent and refreshing type of token analytics. It helps you know what type of traders are available for a market of a specific token. It helps experienced traders identify if they’re trading against a bot or swimming with whales.

Project Update

The platform has successfully raised a Seed Investment of $1 million to build an innovative trading platform for Web3.

DexGuru Successfully Raised Seed Investment

The investment will help DexGuru build the best innovative and intuitive Dex platform integrated with deep analytics for DeFi users. The round was led by ParaFi capital, with support from Lemniscap, The LAO, Divergence Ventures, and BitScale. This is in addition to Loi Luu from Kyber, Evgeny Yurtaev from Zerion, Julien Bouteloup, and Calvin Chu, who’ve joined this round as strategic angels.

With the help of the OX API, PancakeSwap orders can now split and route via V1 and V2 as this comes with the latest integration of the popular Dex protocol V2 on the DexGuru platform.

PancakeSwap order routing on DexGuru


More exciting developments of the platform are planned following the public beta release on February 17th. DexGuru aims to add all major EMV-compatible L1 and L2 networks with significant on-chain activity before the end of the year. PancakeSwap V2 integration is one of many steps drawing closer to the full onchain, trading, analytical Dex platform.

Final Thoughts

The DexGuru platform is set to bring about a revamped trading experience for DeFi users. Users will receive its simplistic, agnostic, and permissionless index approach to help reduce gas costs for traders. On one screen users can access real-time deep charting analytics and trading can be done.  This overall saves time and helps traders make smarter trading decisions.

Note: DexGuru does not have a token yet, be wary of possible scams.

For anyone who wishes to learn more about DexGuru, check out the following resources and media pages:




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