DeRace Twitter Spaces - Recap

In a Twitter Spaces AMA top NFT GameFi project DeRace sat down with BSC News Tom to discuss the recent beta release of the game and more.

DeRace - Horse Racing NFTs

DeRace joined BSC News in a Twitter Spaces AMA on Friday to discuss their recent beta game release, the latest development update, future improvements to the game, player input, P2E and more. 

One of the matters which BSC News discussed with DeRace was the game mechanics and how the NFT horses adapted to different surfaces.

“So we consulted a lot with horse racing professionals, horse breeders, etc from real world horse racing,” said DeRace. “Michael Owen is one of them, and he explained a lot how actually horses are selected for all upcoming races and how they perform in general, and some of the horses  just perform way better on certain types of surfaces. This is what we are implementing and will put in DeRace as well.”

In the wide-ranging discussion DeRace also revealed how players might snap up horse NFTs for bargain prices and through careful management and training, transform them into championship level horses.

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What is DeRace?

DeRace is a blockchain-based NFT horse racing platform powered by the $DERC token. The NFT GameFi protocol allows users to buy and breed NFT horses, bet on real-time races, and host races to make a profit. The DERC token is currently available on both BSC and Ethereum, with staking only possible on Ethereum. The group has numerous capital and investment supporters, including AU 21 Capital, X21, CMS Holdings, and more. 

Where to find DeRace:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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