DeFi Direct Livestream with Coinracer Features Two Reveals

The BSC News Coinracer van will now be spotted out in the various gameplay modes of Coinracer.

Kyle Heise
January 8, 2022
BSC News

Coinracer Makes a Double Reveal

The Coinracer Team rolled through the BSC News and DeFi Direct Discord Channel on January 6 for the grand reveal of the BSC News Coinracer Van. The reveal coincided with an AMA event together with the two Co-Founders of Coinracer, Mark and David riding shotgun with Tom, the new AMA host for DeFi Direct.

The reveal came at the end of the AMA following a racing tournament to gift the new BSC News Coinracer van to the user with the fastest time.  Tom, the AMA host, had no shortage of hype while passing along the questions to Mark and David. The co-founder duo even gave a reveal themselves about the upcoming gameplay.

“The PvP version of Coinracer is coming by the end of next week and this is something we can reveal here,” said Mark. “We love racing games, we’re ‘need for speed’ kind of guys. Right now, CoinRacer is just 1 v. 1, but we have plans for a 3 v. 3 on the way.”

The Coinracer Co-founders responded to several questions from Tom regarding topics like the game’s vision, protocol tokenomics, the three different play modes, and more. The duo also detailed the Rumble modes, other statistics, and modification capabilities. 

“Be ready! We will be launching PvP next. You can play for free, so be ready to challenge a friend, some family, or stranger,” said David. “We’re trying to do something that nobody has done yet.”

Right now, the best place to buy $CRACE is on the popular Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Decentralized Exchanges of PancakeSwap and BiSwap. The Alpha version is available for play on BSC. $CRACE currently trades at $0.091811, according to CoinGecko

BSC News Van Race Winner

The conversation broached several topics, but the event's highlight was definitely the gameplay tutorials and the featured race. Following the half-hour-long AMA, there became a frenzy for placement in the leaderboard. 

With nearly forty-five minutes to race for the van, users from around the world began to put up scores on the icy Alaska map. The race for the BSC News Van appeared to be a fight between users of Latin American from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and more rounding out the top ten. 

The top two performers put in a fight between themselves changing the top spot a few times, but in the end, Wais from Argentina beat out el_pent of Brasil.  Mere milliseconds separated first and second place.

Top Performers:

  • 1:14:17 - Wais
  • 0:14:85 - el_pent
Source: BSC News

Congratulations to Wais for winning the BSC News Racer Van. Wais was kind enough to link to some video on YouTube that he has found helpful that show controls and technique. The videos are done by a specific racer that even the Co-Founder Mark and David recognized in their AMA. 

The YouTuber is Hopex9 and there are several videos from the account that are faster than the times by Wais. 

Coinracer has more popular NFT cars available for purchase on the NFT marketplace ToFuNFT. The cars are sold for as low as 0.1 BNB (~$30 USD), and as high as 55 BNB. The presentation of the car’s caught the eye of the AMA host. 

“I love how it looks like you are buying the NFT from a little hot wheels pack,” said Tom.

What is CoinRacer

Coinracer is a low-poly-style blockchain-powered multiplayer racing game. Coinracer is a blockchain-based Web Graphics Library (WebGL) multiplayer game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game offers users the chance to earn tokens for winning a race, and rewards are distributed between winners using its unique CoinracerSmartPool (CSP). The CSP is responsible for dividing the prize pool tokens between the winners and paying gas fees. Coinracer brings race-to-earn crypto gaming to millions of people. 

For more information about CoinRacer, refer to the following links: 

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in ETH, CRO, CAKE, and BSC meme projects.

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