Deepspace - 3D Play to Earn Multiverse

A Play-to-Earn 3D space multiverse exploration strategy game built on Binance Smart Chain, offering users passive income from holding tokens, gaming, and trading NFTs.

Introducing Deepspace 

Deepspace (DPS) is a 3D space-based metaverse exploration strategy Play-to-Earn (P2E) game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

The project combines frictionless passive income and P2E mechanics that directly reward players. Holders earn tokens through automatic distributions of transaction taxes within the DPS smart contract. In addition, holders will have opportunities to profit through minting, owning, upgrading and fighting starship Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), owning land and mining for resources in the space-based metaverse.

The Deepspace team, consisting of over twenty talented developers, designers, concept artists, moderators, and more, believes there is a massive opportunity to improve upon the current state of gameplay mechanics in blockchain games. They launched Deepspace to provide users with one of the best gameplay and immersive blockchain gaming experiences on BSC.

After months of building the game’s foundation, the Deepspace team has developed a robust gaming ecosystem with solid mechanics, infrastructure, concept designs, metaverse lore, strong community, and tokenomics. It will feature an innovative 3D space metaverse and proprietary technology that allows seamless integration between Deepspace’s blockchain marketplace (on-chain) and real-time actions (off chain) by players.

The Deepspace Gaming Ecosystem 

The Deepspace metaverse consists of numerous features to engage GameFi enthusiasts on BSC. The following components below make up the project’s unique gaming ecosystem. 

Deepspace Game And Custom NFT Marketplace 

An alpha release of the game is progressing well in development and is scheduled to launch on a testnet in December 2021. Slots for the alpha release will be in high demand but limited. The team plan to offer lotteries and contests for alpha slots.

New features and metaverse elements will be continually added throughout 2022 and beyond. The team have a multi-year plan for Deepspace as befits a project that aims to be one of the best in BSC. The play-to-earn activities (coming throughout 2022) will include purchasing ships, mining resources, trading, fighting, and buying real estate.

The Deepspace NFT marketplace will allow players to mint, buy and trade starships, purchase upgrades (armor, weapons systems, etc), and other commodities.

Players will be able to improve their ship’s properties through successful gameplay. Additionally, their ships can also be enhanced by purchasing upgrades such as armor, weaponry, and many others. These upgrades will take the form of Semi Fungible Tokens (SFT). SFTs are a mixture of fungible and non-fungible tokens’ features—they behave like fungible tokens until they are used. 

Deepspace Combat 

Deepspace combat will feature both Player Vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PVP) battles. As the name implies, PVP will see players battle against each other. On the other hand, the PVE battle will involve a player battling with the game’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). The protocol will also introduce other combat modes like Guild wars and battle competitions in the future. 

Deepspace Planets 

Deepspace planets are one of the core features of its unique metaverse. Players will be able to explore the game and visit unique planets, including Athena, Gelida, Mitra, Chaldene, Tyranus, Vorvoid, and Melas.

Each planet comes with its unique environment, lore, dangers, and potential. Players can mine resources on and off the planet, and harvest resources for profit. 

Deepspace Land Ownership 

Subdivided planets make up the in-game property. The original genesis sales of the property will be done on the NFT marketplace and will command varying prices based on their size. Deepspace will give out properties for marketing campaigns, rewards, and random to ensure a fair balance of property owners. 

In short, each planet will have land parceled out for owners to own and utilize. The land assets will have different resources available to mine based on the type of planet, so players can focus on the resources they need to progress in the game. In addition, these mined resources can be crafted into consumables and upgrades that can be sold on the marketplace. 


Token Ticker: $DPS 

Initial Supply: 100,000,000

Token Swap Reserve: 55,000,000

Initial Liquidity: 15,000,000 

DPS Team Tokens: 10,000,000 

Game Development Tokens: 6,000,000 

Solidity Dev Tokens: 3,000,000

Flex Dev Tokens: 1,000,000

Initial Burn: 10,000,000

DPS Tokenomics Overview 

Why Deepspace? 

Deepspace (DPS) intends to combine innovation and proprietary blockchain technology with a 3D space themed metaverse game that focuses on great gameplay with rock solid P2E mechanics, economics and tokenomics. The Deepspace team’s goal to build one of the best gaming ecosystems and communities on BSC. 

What next for Deepspace? 

The NFT GameFi platform looks set to list its native $DPS token on a Centralized Exchange (CEX). For now, $DPS is available on PancakeSwap and can be bought using a credit card/Apple Pay/Android Pay on Flooz.trade.

An alpha release of the game is scheduled to launch on a testnet in December 2021.


Deepspace aims to be the number one P2E metaverse game in the blockchain industry. The project has a strong team of talented individuals. The alpha game (NFT marketplace, some gameplay) will launch in December 2021 on the Deepspace testnet. Additional releases will follow, each adding additional features and metaverse elements. The team plan to continually build and expand the Deepspace metaverse, and plan to do so into 2022 and beyond.

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