DCNTRL Network Launches on BNB Chain: Introduces $USDEFI and DCNX Staking

Users can now mint $USDEFI by supplying BNB and stake it in the stability pool for immediate rewards.


  • DCNTRL Network has officially launched on BNB Chain.
  • Users can now mint $USDEFI by supplying BNB and earn with it immediately by staking it in the stability pool to earn rewards.
  • DCNX is now tradeable directly on Biswap!
  • DCNX token holders can stake their tokens to earn a share of all fees generated by $USDEFI minting and redemption.
  • DCNTRL Network is giving away 1,000,000 DCNX Tokens to celebrate the #USDEFILaunchParty

DCNTRL Network has officially announced its launch on BNB Chain, ushering in a new era of decentralized finance. With the launch, the team has introduced $USDEFI, a BNB-backed stablecoin designed to bring transparency and security to the DeFi ecosystem on BNB Chain.

What is $USDEFI?

Following Binance's announcement to discontinue support for BUSD by 2024, the demand for a transparent and secure stablecoin has surged. $USDEFI emerges as the solution, backed exclusively by BNB, offering a clear and auditable financial track record.

How Does $USDEFI Work?

To get USDEFI, users have to deposit BNB, allowing them to mint their desired $USDEFI at a 0% APR borrowing rate. Once minted, $USDEFI can be used like any other stablecoin within the BNB Chain DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, users have the option to deposit $USDEFI into DCNTRL Network’s stability pool.

This pool auto-liquidates bad debt, contributing to the protocol’s overall stability. In return, users earn liquidation fees in BNB and bonus DCNX tokens.

What About DCNX?

DCNX is the reward token for the DCNTRL network protocol. It can be earned by staking USDEFI into the stability pool.

Or by purchasing directly on Biswap:

DCNX token holders can stake DCNX to earn a share of all fees generated by $USDEFI being minted and redeemed for BNB.

If you participated in the FjordFinance DCNX LBP, you can officially now stake your DCNX tokens

A Month of Celebrations: #USDEFILaunchParty

To celebrate this groundbreaking launch, DCNTRL Network has planned a series of events to give away a grand total of 1,000,000 DCNX Tokens! Get the full details here

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