Dark Frontiers AMA Transcript

"Owned land can be traded with other players as an NFT item inside or outside the game."

December 28, 2021

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Dark Frontiers! Today we have Sylvia the Co-founder and CMO of Gamestarter (which created Dark Frontiers) joining us to talk about their exciting new project... Great to have you here :)

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |

Pleasure to be here!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you beforehand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway

Sounds good with you?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |

great 👍

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Cool! so to kick things off, for those who may be unfamiliar...

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind Dark Frontiers.

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

I’m Sylvia Savi, CMO and Co-founder of Gamestarter 🚀 I've been in marketing for 10 years, and in crypto since 2018.

I will mention it again that, Dark Frontiers is the first Gamestarter Originals game. We decided to position ourselves a bit like Netflix - feature our own original content. Our mission is to bring quality blockchain gaming to mass adoption and introduce a unique approach of utilising NFTs and P2E concepts.

Because Gamestarter team comes from an indie game development background, games is our passion, and we wanted to show that through Gamestarter Originals and helping and advising other games on Gamestarter

Gamestarter has around 35 people onboard. Dark Frontiers shares the same marketing and community support team as Gamestarter, although has a completely separate development team, lead by the hyper talented game developer Don and the lead designer Algirdas. Andrius Miron is still the CEO and the lead in terms of project management and art direction. He's a brilliant designer and a mastermind behind it all. Our core team of developers and game designers are all experienced, they come from a game development background and have some games released already and our game developer is a former Unity 3d engineer.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! Thank you for that amazing introduction, sounds like you have an amazing team behind you

So let's talk about the project itself

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

of course

2. What is Dark Frontiers and what is your overall goal of this project?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

First, take a look at the cinematic trailer to have a feel for the game:

Dark Frontiers is an RPG action adventure game (PC & VR) where you can fight, discover, search for ancient relics, invest, trade & explore the ever-expanding universe and be the first to discover new technologies.

The idea behind Dark Frontiers is to merge the following:

- high-quality blockchain gaming

- multiplatform (PC/iOS, VR, browser-based)

- latest trends in gaming and crypto space

- strong P2E concepts

- constant world expansion and updates

We will also release a browser based mini game next month, where you will be able to own land and trade resources.

Dark Frontiers' goal is to drive mainstream blockchain adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

But we also see the games as a work of art, in terms of the story, visuals and the music. We want to make a really cool game on blockchain. Quality is very important for us, so we're trying to reflect that in all that we do. There are too many blockchain games already that look like they were developed 20 years ago, so we wanted to bring something better to the community.

But of course, because we don't want to take 10 years to develop the perfect game, we want to merge that quality with quick development and update it on the go.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay neat, so to dive even deeper into that

3. What do you need to get started on Dark Frontiers?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |

You will only need a spacesuit to start playing! The limited edition advanced spacesuits on Binance NFT will start from $100, but there will be cheaper ones for much less.

If you will want to get your NFT land, you will need to stake some $DARK. This browser-based gamed will be up and running in January

As for the spaceships, rovers and advanced weapons - they're not necessary, but will sure expand your gameplay and make it more fun

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great to hear that! the barrier to entry on some of the projects coming out is way too high

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

yeah, we are also considering the option to allow players to rent out the suits, by staking their $DARK

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Even better! That's a great idea :)

Let's unpack a bit more and talk about your token

4. Can you tell us about $DARK and $GAME and how they are used in the platform?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |

First of all, $DARK is a BEP-20 token, as we believe it's the most friendly infrastructure for games at the moment. $GAME also has a BEP-20 bridge

$DARK token will serve as an in-game energy unit. Energy is needed to power the gameplay - travel, mine and merge NFTs. It can also be mined by claiming land on different planets. So $DARK will be very much like the heart and the blood of the game.

$GAME will also be featured, it will act as a booster to certain in-game processes, and you will also be able to buy NFTs with $GAME on Gamestarter marketplace.

Naturally the more users will play this game and find it engaging the higher $DARK will soar 🚀

As Dark Frontiers ir designed to be updated over time, it's not a one-time release, $DARK value will go up gradually as the world expands

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Thanks for the clarification and sharing the images!

5. What’s the gameplay like?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

Better show than tell!




Stephanie (BSC.News)

we can't wait to see! I will give 2 minutes for the audience to watch the footage

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

sure! We will have a live stream of the first gameplay this week, so make sure not to miss it!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Very cool!

We will move on to the next question

6. Please explain the farming rewards and how they work.

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |

Firstly you can stake your $DARK and earn rewards now, $DARK staking V2 is LIVE  more information HERE  🔥

🎉 Top 3 stakers will receive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 spacesuit NFTs from Dark Frontiers at the end of the program

🤩 5 random stakers will share 5 Tier 3 spacesuits as an extra bonus at the end of the program.

And the browser-based mini game will be up and running in January. 

Land NFTs, also known as ‘Terra Firma’ are represented on the Binance Smart Chain as BEP-721 tokens. There will be a total of 2,000 land plots available for players to conquer and these new lands await those with enough hard earned $DARK Tokens. 

‍Once all of the moon's territory is under occupation, new colonies can no longer be settled until a player gives up their land plot to reclaim their $DARK Tokens.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Sounds good! So to touch more on the artwork

7. Can you tell us more about the Dark Frontier NFTs? Please feel free to share some images

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

Sure! Dark Frontiers Limited Edition NFT sale (that are made specially for Binance NFT) will start this week, on the 30th

There will be three spacesuits to choose from: Gamma, Beta and Alpha

This is Tier 1, Gamma suit, only 500 will be made.

Gamma is the ultimate spacesuit in Dark Frontiers. Offers the highest protection from enemy attacks, making treasure hunts much safer! The most lightweight suit in existence - move faster than anybody else. 

- Unlimited playtime. 

- 3 random skills or attributes. 

- Unique design.

Beta is next to the best thing, and Alpha is a well-rounded, advanced spacesuit

Total of 3500 spacesuits available in the Binance NFT collection

and later on there will be a sale on Gamestarter with different design and specs.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Super neat and unique utilities of the NFTs

8. Can you briefly describe to us all of the various rewards you offer on your platform?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO | 

There’s the music competition:

And of course a Binance NFT giveaway where you can win a coveted Alpha spacesuit which will be sold on the 30th and also 1000 BUSD:

And as for the P2E element in the game, players will be able to upgrade their NFT gear in-game such as spacesuits or spaceships, mine land resources and find relics - all will have an inherent value

Stephanie (BSC.News)

For sure need to check the cool giveaways asap everyone!

Last but not least

9. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Sylvia | Gamestarter CMO |


1. Don't miss the NFT sale on Binance NFT on the 30th of December. More info HERE

2. We will livestream the first live gameplay this week, so follow our socials

3. Browser-based game comes out in January! So stay tuned!

Follow Dark Frontiers on:






Tik Tok



Thanks Stephanie for the great hosting!

And big thanks for everyone for being with us today!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Make sure that you guys go and check out Dark Frontiers! Their platform offers you exposure to the best projects on BSC all while rewarding you for using their innovative ecosystem !


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