Cyber City Genesis Event Brings Together 10 Partner Clans

The event will feature 10,000 unique NFTs distributed across different communities in NFT and DeFi ecosystems.

Utulu Hope
October 27, 2021
Blockchain News

Cyber City Genesis Event Features Big Names in DeFi and NFT 

Cyber City has launched a huge campaign featuring top projects across Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible token (NFT). Additionally, the Play-to-Earn game launched its Cyber City Genesis event in preparation for the upcoming game. 

The Genesis event will showcase the first series of Cyber City’s NFT collections called the Genesis wave, and ten top projects will unveil them. Otherwise called partner clans, each project will have 1,000 NFT boxes to distribute/sell to their respective communities. CoinQuora reported that each clan would drop the Genesis wave NFTs from October 20th to November 19th. 

“The Genesis Wave clan drops will start on the 20th of October until 19th November. There will be one clan drop per week, and Cyber City will have an AMA event with each partner clan’s community to promote Genesis Wave drops,” Karirkari Daniel of CoinQuora wrote on October 25th. 

The partner clans on the show for the spectacular event include Alium Finance, BlindBoxes, HyperJump, Liquidifty, NFTb, Polygon, Swapp, Niftify, Ultimate Arena, and Paid. These partner clans have the license to drop NFTs from the Genesis wave collection to their respective communities.


Cyber City’s Genesis Wave NFT Boxes 

The Genesis Wave NFTs will feature 10,000 unique characters from 1,000 NFT boxes. In addition, each NFT box from the various clans will carry their design. 

“Each batch of 1,000 Genesis Wave boxes will carry a partner clan’s branding, identity, and motifs,” Cyber City wrote on October 14th via Medium. “For instance, once we launch the drop for the NFTb clan, the boxes will carry its branding, and a few NFT items will also take NFTb’s identity. It will enable Cyber City to build and increase loyalty from an NFT-centric audience. 

Cyber City Genesis event is already live, and already, Liquidifty NFT drop is ongoing via the Liquidifty marketplace. Moreover, HyperJump, one of the partner clans, announced the collaboration with Cyber City to drop exclusive NFTs to its community on Twitter

“@CyberCityInc game is coming, and we want to celebrate it with the whole crypto community! For this, the Cyber City team has given us mystery boxes from The Genesis Wave collection that we will be giving away among our users,” HyperJump tweeted on October 26th. 

What is Cyber City? 

Cyber City is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game with tokenized assets and NFT characters set in a unique metaverse of “futuristic cyberpunk megapolis.” The game features a perfect environment, including virtual lands for the strongest and most cunning players to claw their way to the top. 

In short, Cyber City is an open economy P2E game with tradeable NFT assets aimed at delivering a high-quality gaming experience with sustainable tokenomics. 

Refer to the following Cyber City media links to learn more: 

Website | Twitter | Discord 

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