Cryptopolis Advances From Group C in Battle of the Dapps

by BSC News

February 4, 2023


A full recap of the third round in Battle of the Dapps.

Securing the Last Spot

Group C in Battle of the Dapps has concluded with Cryptopolis emerging as the winner. The social online NFT game was able to get the better of Velvet Capital and NFTb to book the last spot in the Grand Finale. While NFTb won one of the judges’ vote, the popular community polls and the other judge’s vote was enough to push Cryptopolis into the coveted Grand Finale.

If you’re unfamiliar with Battle of the Dapps, check out this explainer article. Listen to the full recording of the event here.

Below is a recap of how the contestants answered each question.

Discussing Security

The first round of questions addressed Security. Velvet Capital, represented by Brendan, Head of Growth, explained how they take a holistic approach to security, always audit every version of their product, and do not keep custody of user funds. NFTb representative Alper, who is the Chief Operating Officer, admitted how they faced friction with the introduction of KYC for their launchpad users but overcame the issue with a proactive approach. On the other hand, Cryptopolis, who was represented by the Chief Executive Officer, DeeJay, explained they will be doing audits before the full launch of their game and are talking to security leaders like Certik in that regard.

Discussing Longevity

The second round of questions targeted Longevity. Velvet Capital started off by discussing the value their incoming native token $VLVT will bring to the community. “Over time, the community will control and be able to vote on adding new features, new portfolios, and any other chains we launch on”, said Brendan. NFTb assured the community how very secure they are in terms of long-term funding regardless of the community voting outcomes on its upcoming team token burn proposal. Following up, Cryptopolis expressed how they have been working with influencers in the past and are currently working on strategic organic growth. They also discussed their plans for a guerrilla marketing campaign right before the full launch.

Discussing Community

Following up were questions surrounding Community. Velvet Capital discussed their plans for multichain expansion, as well as how they are building their product layer by layer, with the BNB Chain launch taking first place. Users who want a unique portfolio can currently submit a request or send a direct message with details of their custom portfolio. For NFTb, their initial choice of Polygon for their gaming hub was a result of the flourishing gaming Polygon ecosystem. Cryptopolis, in turn, explained how they incentivize their users to provide feedback on bugs, given that the game is still in its early stages, a process that is faster than having the team internally test the game.

Project Questions

This section saw the three competitors ask each other questions, touching on various random themes and unique challenges faced by the projects and the DeFi space in general. Check out the recording of the event to hear the full questions and responses from the projects!

BSC News would like to thank all three participants from Group C for their efforts, and remind the community that all participants are contributing to the growth of DeFi. BSC News would also like to thank Lend Finance for being the sponsor of Battle of the Dapps!


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