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CryptoMines Gearing Towards Rebirth

The team behind the PlayToEarn project on Binance Smart Chain announces the launch of their minigame CryptoMine Reborn Minigame: Clash.

The Start Of A Rebirth

CryptoMines slowly transitions from CryptoMines Legacy to CryptoMines Reborn with a mini-game launch.

The PlayToEarn Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Project launched a minigame called CryptoMines Reborn - Minigames: Clash so its community can earn and have fun while the CryptoMines Reborn is prepared. The official Twitter account of CryptoMines announced the feature on January 17.

“CryptoMines Reborn - Minigames: Clash. Clash is here and starts NOW! The first round of Clash finally begins, gather Dark Matter and Prepare for REBORN Select your contender, use your wisdom and try your luck to win it all. Chances are 50/50. $ETERNAL mini-games will come soon,” CryptoMines tweeted.

Clash is a betting game where players put a wager on who they think the winning fighter will be. It is a way for the community to make a profit and earn dark matter while playing the new game is still in development. 

In December of 2021, CryptoMines announced details about a reboot to their metaverse as it saw the price of its native token drop significantly after reaching an all-time high the month before.


CryptoMines Reborn - Minigames: Clash

Players need to purchase tickets to be used to bet on contenders of their choice. The players betting on the winning contenders will get a share of the total pool made up of tickets to bet on the opposing contender. 

There are four clash rooms with different themes available where players can bet on their chosen fighters. Each clash room will have a different Dark Matter cost to purchase a ticket. The Fight Club’s ticket costs 10 Dark Matter, while  Racing Club tickets are sold at 25 Dark Matter each. The Faction Wars and Domination Planets cost 50 Dark Matter and 100 Dark Matter respectively. 

Learn more about their mini-game by visiting their whitepaper.

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