CryptoBay, Top BSC GameFi, Release RoadMap for Waters Ahead

The CryptoBay Roadmap showcases the exciting plans to develop a complete GameFi metaverse on Binance Smart Chain.

Utulu Hope
September 18, 2021
BSC News

CryptoBay Unveils RoadMap

Play-to-Earn GameFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), CryptoBay has finally released its long-awaited roadmap. The roadmap features the protocol’s plans for the remainder of the year and beyond. 

Since its inception on August 26th, CryptoBay has been adding unique features to its water-based gaming metaverse, including a Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. Users can now see the upcoming integrations on the protocol via the roadmap. CryptoBay unveiled its roadmap on September 17th  via Twitter. 

“CryptoBay’s roadmap is released! Let us grow up with the best metaverse gamefi platform,” the tweet read. 

The BSC-based GameFi protocol lets users buy and build ships, fight against pirates and players, build harbors, and enjoy an exciting waterside gaming experience. According to the roadmap, CryptoBay has made decent progress in building an entire metaverse filled with many adventures. 


Now that the plans are available to the public, there is more clarity of what to expect from the GameFi protocol in the future. 

Summary of the CryptoBay RoadMap 

The roadmap divides into two categories — System and Harbour. The System Roadmap comprises the entire ecosystem’s integrations and will be finalized in April 2022. Some of the top integrations include ship building, plus mission and tournament modes.

Along with describing new integrations, the Harbor Roadmap is a collection of upcoming functions to be added to CryptoBay Harbor. The Harbor is one of the core elements of CryptoBay. According to the Roadmap, the harbor undertakes the goods and items produced by users. However, there is no exact time for the Roadmap of the Harbor. 

There are many exciting plans in the Roadmap, and the progress made so far shows that CryptoBay will go on to accomplish its goal of becoming the best GameFi metaverse on BSC. 

Read the complete Roadmap here for more details. 

What is CryptoBay? 

CryptoBay is a Play-to-Earn metaverse game platform on BSC. The game allows users to build harbors and grow their ecosystem. Harbors can be developed to buy and develop ships. Users can then fight against pirates in adventure mode or against other players in the player v. player mode. The adventure mode also has boss battles and other intriguing daily missions to build their kingdoms. CryptoBay is currently the second most popular game on BSC with over 18k users.

Where to find more about CryptoBay:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

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