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CroSwap Holds $1,000 NFT Lottery, Ending Sept. 22

A CroSwap lottery is giving away $1,000 in prizes, mostly in the form of NFTs. The prize will go to one lucky launchpad user who stakes $CRO.

CroSwap Lottery

A CroSwap lottery giving away $1,000 in prizes, mostly in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), will end Thursday, Sept. 22 at 11:30 p.m. UTC.

The prize will go to one lucky CroSwap Launchpad user who stakes CRO tokens and continues to hold the swapped CROS tokens in their wallet at the time of the Sept. 24 draw.

“We chose the NFTs just to highlight some projects across the space that people have enjoyed learning about,” said “Social,” CroSwap’s marketing and engagement manager, in a message to BSC News. “Cronos is an incredible space and almost everyone we have spoken to so far has been receptive, welcoming, and supportive.”

The staking period, which started on Sept. 20, is known as an Overflow launch, wherein users can stake as little or as much as they like during the period and their final earnings are based on the percentage of all staked tokens put in during the staking period relative to the full staking pool from all users.

The winner will be sent assets worth $1,000 that will include:

  • 1 Keystone Pro Hardware Wallet
  • $100 of $USDC
  • Gold Nodey the Whale NFT
  • CroSkull Original NFT
  • BoomerSquad NFT
  • Argonaut NFT
  • Cronos Chimp Club NFT
  • Croge NFT
  • Fury Mouse Gang NFT
  • MarbleVerse NFT
  • Undead Space Apes NFT
A sampling of some of the NFTs to be given to the winner. Source: CroSwap

To enter the draw, stake more than 2,500 $CRO at the CroSwap Launchpad website and hold the swapped $CROS you’ll receive in your wallet until the time of the draw random draw on Sept. 24. Results will be posted on the CroSwap Discord.

About CroSwap

CroSwap is currently in late-stage development of a suite of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services for the Cronos Network, including the CroSwap DEX, an NFT staking platform, and DeFi educational tutorials. Its public seed funding round is currently underway for Phase 1 development of the ecosystem and has so far raised over $210,000 USDC out of its target $500,000.

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