Creator of Pokemon Go Partners Fold to Launch Bitcoin Rewards into the Metaverse

Fold launches an AR Game with Bitcoin rewards by partnering with Niantic to create their version of the metaverse

Chung Yee
November 25, 2021
Blockchain News

Play-to-Earn with Bitcoin

Fold announced its new game, Fold AR, a play-to-earn game that allows users to earn Bitcoin and other in-app benefits by exploring their physical surroundings. Fold, a Bitcoin reward application partnered with Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go and Ingress is exploring the metaverse and the crypto gaming industry.

Source: Fold offers an alternative metaverse through Niantic, promising an exciting development for the crypto gaming community

The game is available in a Beta version that allows for its users to discover Bitcoin and other rewards from the surrounding. Rewards include satoshis (smallest denomination of Bitcoin), extra spins, rewards on the Fold Card, time extension to stay in the game longer, or protection from harmful surprises. 

FoldApp’s blog post states, “The experience is very simple: every ten minutes, a new block appears somewhere around you and, if opened, will trigger an explosion of rewards.” 

The game has a simple aim, to provide an alternative metaverse that promotes human freedom and happiness through bitcoin and fun. 

Source: The play-to-earn space is getting interesting as the hugely successful Pokemon Go’s creator is now in this space

Real-World Experience in a Game

The team takes sees the pursuit of financial freedom through Bitcoin as a game. People around the world are trying to acquire bitcoin through mining, trading, shilling, and earning. In doing so, they also have to avoid the villains of inflation, monetary controls, censorship, and other forms of financial debasement.

This game is already in existence and Fold users have already benefited by capturing billions of satoshis. A more developed version will be available next year to enable individuals to find trade and hide Bitcoins. It will also allow merchants to engage the community with incentives and offers. 

Metaverse’s Next Spin

Fold’s take on the metaverse is just one of the many ideas that businesses, organizations, individuals, and communities can create a functional and engaging platform. Current development that is unrolling in the crypto space is predominantly for the gaming community. 

The metaverse has much more to offer. It can play a major role in any given industry because of the degree of human interaction that can take place. Hence, projects like Decentraland and Sandbox are seeing exponential growth.


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