CoinMarketCap Hosts Sponsored Airdrop Offering Free PorkSwap to Users

The airdrop has commenced, and a total of 2000 users stand to gain rewards in $PSWAP tokens after completing easy tasks.

Utulu Hope
July 30, 2021
BSC News

CoinMarketCap Hosts PorkSwap Airdrop Worth $25,000

CoinMarketCap (CMC) is currently hosting its latest sponsored Airdrop with Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) decentralized platform, PorkSwap. PorkSwap is the latest to join the growing list of protocols that have utilized its large ecosystem.

According to CMC’s official blog post published on July 28th, a total of two thousand members stand to gain PSWAP rewards. PSWAP is the native currency of the BSC-based protocol. 

“In this airdrop, there are 12,500 PSWAP up for grabs, and there will be 2,000 winners of up to 6.25 PSWP,” as stated in the blog post. 

The airdrop has started and will run for 11 days (6 PM UTC July 28 to August 7), with $25,000 worth of PSWAP tokens (12,500 PSWAP) up for grabs.

Interestingly, participation is free, and users can take part by completing just six steps explained in this article. 

How to Participate in PorkSwap Airdrop on CMC 

To participate, users have to navigate to the PorkSwap page on CMC and scroll down to the Airdrop page, as shown below. 


Next, click on “Join This Airdrop.” However, users have to log in to their CMC accounts before they can open the airdrop page to complete all instructions below. 


The image above will be displayed upon users’ successful login. Next, complete all instructions seen on the airdrop page. Here is an alternative to the entry process: 

Submit your entry via this google form. Ensure that you leave your BSC address in the form to receive PSWAP tokens.

In the meantime, thousands of users have already registered for the ongoing airdrop. However, only 2000 participants stand a chance to gain $PSWAP rewards. With a week left before the conclusion of the airdrop, every user has a fair opportunity to participate and be a lucky winner.

CoinMarketCap has hosted airdrops with several protocols in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Space worth hundreds to thousands of USD in tokens. 

About PorkSwap


PorkSwap is a decentralized trading platform on the BSC network. The protocol’s core mission is to make finance easily accessible in the DeFi market. PorkSwap gives its users’ governance rights such that they can create polls and vote for new changes to the protocol. In short, PorkSwap is a unique innovation on the BSC created with a democratic idea to improve financial access globally. 

Where to Find PorkSwap:

Website | Twitter | Medium

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