Chainge Finance Press Release: Empowering Users to be Their Own Digital Banks

The time for Chainge is now. While the rest of the world plays catch-up, the future is here now, where universal access to finance is achieved without discrimination, and human error is eliminated.


I presume readers are already aware of Chainge. Even if you are not, you need to get into it soon enough to get free points transformed into CHNG tokens. If not,  at least be prepared to get some tokens early because this project offers novel solutions and boasts mass adoption potential. Why might you ask?

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The Problem and The Solution

I will lay it plain and simple. No word mincing, just straight talk. The investment world is changing. Many banks are no longer able to guarantee growth that makes life-savings accounts worthwhile over the short or long term. Investments that give you life-changing returns are never guaranteed when dealing with conventional investment vehicles.

What if investments could be coded? What if algorithms could scour decentralized finance products to present users the best investment all from a single point? What if these investments were locked-in with smart contract technology with guaranteed results for as long as the user wants to be tied in?

A recent opinion piece on ft.com by Brian Brooks, the current US Comptroller of the Currency and former Coinbase executive, hypothesizes a future borne out of optimism. One of the “self-driving banks” that usher in an era of coded banking, eliminating error, stopping discrimination, and achieving universal access for all. Chainge Finance has the technology and is fully positioned to do this, not in the future, but now.

The reality is that they need to hit the right notes to scale with users and impress regulators. To do this Chainge presents a concept free from the risk of fraud or corruption because it is fully automated, removing the human factor from decision making. To achieve this, it is run entirely on smart contracts.

Compared with traditional contracts, blockchain-based smart contracts are more deterministic, removing the reliance on trusting an intermediary’s reputation (and jurisdiction in case of contract dispute settlements). They are also speedier because they are executed seconds after the initial criteria are met regardless of the time of day/week. Costs are another advantage of smart contracts over traditional contracts because intermediary costs are eliminated as smart contracts can hold funds, removing the need for 3rd party custodian services. In conventional banking, teams are stood up to validate each contract for fraud. Smart contracts are verified on the blockchain through the cryptographic digital signatures of tokens and wallets. They are immutable once deployed and are reusable until they are replaced with an updated contract.

Chainge Finance

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Chainge will harness the full power of smart contract technology. This is because it is built on the Fusion Protocol, an Ethereum forked infrastructure layer. Fusion was created to underpin a crypto-financial age that has ushered in an epoch of asset digitization. This network focuses on the need for end-to-end decentralization.

Using DCRM, Chainge will enable end-users to achieve cross-chain interoperability within a single wallet. This facilitates a broader range of banking services not seen in any mass-market product so far. We can cite a host of applications that enable Ethereum based DeFi transactions. They are ERC20 tokens or tokens wrapped to the Ethereum blockchain, often with 3rd party custodian flaws negating end-to-end decentralization claims. With Chainge, a 3rd party custodian is not required because DCRM from Fusion enables sharding of wallet keys for signing cross-chain multi-signature algorithms across multiple nodes allowing for funds to be stored securely in the smart contracts themselves.

Without a heavy reliance on Ethereum as the de facto protocol for decentralized finance, Chainge will offer much cheaper transaction costs. A myriad of exchange transactions can also be done on Fusion, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, OKExChain, Fantom with the multiple tokens at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum. Chainge’s use of DCRM enables 95% of existing tokens to be ported to the app allowing native features of various chains to be harnessed within the app.

Chainge’s Unique Features

One of such features poised for deployment in this new app is Fusion Protocol’s Time-lock. A feature that showcases digitized assets, and the time value of money (TVM). This feature will underpin time-value for digitized assets in the same way it is effectively captured by today’s financial instruments like equities, bonds, and derivatives, thus unleashing new possibilities. This unequivocally suggests that money in your hand is worth more today than that at some point in the future.

Quantum Swap is another piece in the Chainge jigsaw. Exclusive to tokens locked onto the Fusion chain, Quantum Swap enables users of Chainge to perform peer-to-peer OTC/over-the-counter trades and swaps. For added security, the app will also ensure that only verified tokens can be locked in.

With out-of-the-box smart contract templates, users will be able to code financial services like OTC trades and cross-chain swaps, provide liquidity, or leverage escrow services and loans. Chainge will create a new dynamic with the automation of finance for business or social engagement. I foresee mainstream user scenarios where collateralized assets can be liquidated easily on delinquent debts ensuring loan providers are not left nursing losses from bad debts. The concept of self-driving banks that allows savers to stop shopping around for the best interest rates by having algorithms do this for them is here.

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So what are the upsides to a bank that enables users to have more control over their savings?

Chainge will offer users an annual percentage yield of 8.32% for BTC and 16.18% for USDT deposits and enable them draw from their interests daily. Chainge will also support a smart contract factory to facilitate user execution out-of-the-box escrow, collateral, and loan features.

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Available 24/7, Chainge’s decentralized and trustless escrow service will mitigate 3rd party trust issues and service costs. Today, a buyer dares not buy BTC from a seller unless they find an escrow service provider they trust, which comes with a 2–3% handling charge. With Chainge, people can transact their escrow business without knowing or meeting each other with a low as 0.1% fee. Trust issues are eliminated with funds stored in decentralized escrow smart contracts verified by both parties.


With the proliferation of decentralized finance, providing liquidity in a decentralized exchange or smart loan contract should not be the mainstay of the crypto enthusiast alone. Chainge will enable the everyday user to leverage the value in their wealth effectively. Chainge will realize the concept of ‘everyone could be a market maker’, making the process of providing liquidity more user-friendly than seen on any web platform or digital wallet so far.

Existing bank regulations are in place to mitigate potential human failings. As we usher in this new self-driving banking era, we can expect many shapeshifting governance and protections> These will come from the different regional financial regulatory bodies to bring some semblance of order. While this 21st-century regulation comes into play, the argument for a self-regulating and autonomous service that mitigates the issues current regulations are in place to protect cannot be overlooked.

Time for Chainge is now. While the rest of the world plays catch-up, it may just be the timely moment to embark on a journey into the future where universal access is achieved without discrimination, and human error is eliminated.

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