CertiK’s Byte Size Blockchain: The History and Functionality of Ethereum in One Minute

by BSC News

February 6, 2023


Remember the history of Ethereum and touch up your knowledge on how it works with this short and easy video.

The History of Ethereum in One Minute

Ethereum is one of the most important projects in cryptocurrency. The advent of smart contract technology ushered in by the development team at Ethereum was a watershed moment for cryptocurrency. Ethereum has since grown to be a major backbone of the infrastructure and development of the entire industry. It’s arguable that how Ethereum goes, so goes the industry.

But how did it all start? Take a quick minute to brush up on your knowledge of the origin story behind Ethereum and remember how it all started!

What is CertiK:

CertiK is a blockchain security firm that helps projects identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications using its services, products, and cybersecurity techniques.

Where to find CertiK:

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