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Celestial, Sci-Fi Metaverse GameFi, Launches Beta Browser Version

GameFi is progressing at a steady rate as gameplay becomes more and more impressive.

Web3 GameFi Projects Continue to Impress

Celestial has unveiled its official game demo that is easily accessible where viewers can get a grasp of what the gaming experience will be like in the Web 3.0 metaverse

The project has just announced that it has deployed weapons in the demo and, intriguingly, users are being welcomed into the world as progress is being made in real-time. 

#Celestial Demo update announcement. Weapon system has been deployed into the game. Players will need to force refresh to reload the updates,” the team announced via Twitter on December 6th. 

GameFi has displayed a clear upswing in terms of gameplay progress with several projects in the past weeks portraying roam and battle features that were previously uncommon in the sector. 

At this current moment, the game does not appear to have tied itself with a particular chain through initial tweets in the previous month suggesting a link to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Also judging by the followers the project enjoys on Twitter, which includes key members from several blockchains, Celestial has certainly impressed in this early stage.

The project has also combined with Wing Finance to conduct an NFT airdrop which will see rewards of 25 collaboration warships distributed to qualifying users. 

Users interested in participating can find the necessary form here. This will be conducted from December 6th to December 9th at 12:00 UTC. The rules for participation are fairly simplistic; following both Celestial and Wing Finance, joining the official Telegram, and quoting this tweet while tagging three friends. 

BSC News will be on hand to track the progress of Celestial as it continues to grow and attract prospective users. 

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