Cake Monster NFTs Go Live on PancakeSwap

A dip in the market may affect initial performance but that won’t stop the team from celebrating the added exposure.

Dardania Havolli
November 24, 2021
BSC News

Cake Monsters NFT Collection set loose on PancakeSwap

After enjoying an admirable token surge in recent weeks, Cake Monster has officially gone live on PancakeSwap.

The project will be hoping to gain more exposure and perhaps kick some life into PancakeSwap’s NFT transaction volume. Having already shown itself capable of ramping up the BSC token chars, Cake Monsters look set for a new chapter in their journey.

@MonstaPartyNFTs are now LIVE on the PancakeSwap NFT Market!” The PancakeSwap team confirmed via Twitter before advising users that they: “might experience some delays buying and selling on the site due to BSC network strain, but if your transactions go through on-chain, rest assured they’ve been successful.”

Though delays may have been experienced, that didn’t stop volume from moving up over 13BNB in the first few hours of release and settling on a floor price of 0.32 BNB, at the time of writing. With the general market currently undergoing somewhat of a pullback, the MONSTA team must be thinking positively about the performance.


Just how popular the collection will prove to be is a matter of speculation for the moment, as many await an increase in volume and interest in PancakeSwap’s NFT Marketplace. Nevertheless, the move certainly does register a milestone for Cake Monsters, who will be looking to drum up interest with this latest development. 

What is Cake Monsters?

Cake Monster employs and maintains a fair, sustainable, and rewarding ecosystem. The native token, $MONSTA, is a hyper-deflationary and elastic supply token using CAKE as a unique reserve and reward mechanisms featuring an automated hybrid monetary policy. $MONSTA provides many great features aimed at building a flexible and multifaceted dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the ecosystem and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth. So far, the protocol offers an NFT protocol Monsta Party.

Where to find more about Cake Monster:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Dardania Havolli

Dardania is an experienced researcher, editor and writer who is currently completing his PhD in Creative Writing. He is passionate about blockchain technology and the impact it will go on to have on our lives. He holds bags mostly in BNB, SOL and IOTX.

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