BurnRocket - Play-to-Earn and Metaverse Ecosystem

The Binance Smart Chain gaming ecosystem is now gearing up to release its first play-to-earn game, BurnRocket Invaders.

Get Ready for BurnRocket Invaders

BurnRocket is an open blockchain game ecosystem where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay.

BurnRocket is launching the complete Play-to-Earn version of their first flagship retro game – BurnRocket Invaders. The game can be played directly on your browser (PC or Mobile).

BurnRocket Invaders is a blast from the past; a shoot-‘em-up retro 2D arcade game that will require players to own $BURNROCKET in order to play. It is a fun extraterrestrial game with many levels, planets and crypto world easter eggs! Fly through the galaxy shooting up enemy spaceships, collect crates to unlock free Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and BurnRocket tokens. Compete and challenge your friends by climbing the leaderboard score and win additional rewards.   

Choose from a multitude of levels and play through different galaxies, fighting special enemies along the way.


Bunrocket X Kvltgames

BurnRocket Invaders  is the first game to launch out of a series of fun retro games in partnership with the famous gaming studio Kvltgames.

The second game to be released is a fighting game in the style of King of Fighters, featuring characters from the Crypto world. The third game is a run-’n-gun shooter game inspired by Metal Slug.

BurnRocket’s goal is to build a retro gaming ecosystem where people can play many genres of games.  From action, to racing, to strategy and to fighting, the roadmap of games releases will aim to please a large audience by covering many themes and gameplays.

All of the games will be 2D and play-to-earn, with NFT spaceships, featured weapons, skins and upgrades to any vessel to be used in-game.

Play BurnRocket Invaders, earn $BURNROCKET tokens and collect a maximum number of crates for rewards.



  • Mint and collect great NFTs to be used in-game
  • P2E BETA release
  • Earn $BURNROCKET tokens & NFT’s
  • Upgrade and buy skins for your favorite spaceship
  • Swap your tokens inside the metaverse at the Bog Orbital Swap x Bogged Finance
  • Stake $BURNROCKET and get passive income with a high APR
  • Listing on CEX
  •  Integrate live chat between players
  • Gold Edition NFT for “The Destroyer” BurnRocket Invaders spaceship

BurnRocket is holding its first NFT sales in BNB and $BUNROCKET tokens.

Join their Telegram for more info or visit the BurnRocket website. The game is available here.

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