BurnRocket - Play-to-Earn and Metaverse Ecosystem

The Binance Smart Chain gaming ecosystem is now gearing up to release its first play-to-earn game, BurnRocket Invaders.

December 6, 2021

Get Ready for BurnRocket Invaders

BurnRocket is an open blockchain game ecosystem where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay.

BurnRocket is launching the complete Play-to-Earn version of their first flagship retro game – BurnRocket Invaders. The game can be played directly on your browser (PC or Mobile).

BurnRocket Invaders is a blast from the past; a shoot-‘em-up retro 2D arcade game that will require players to own $BURNROCKET in order to play. It is a fun extraterrestrial game with many levels, planets and crypto world easter eggs! Fly through the galaxy shooting up enemy spaceships, collect crates to unlock free Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and BurnRocket tokens. Compete and challenge your friends by climbing the leaderboard score and win additional rewards.   

Choose from a multitude of levels and play through different galaxies, fighting special enemies along the way.


Bunrocket X Kvltgames

BurnRocket Invaders  is the first game to launch out of a series of fun retro games in partnership with the famous gaming studio Kvltgames.

The second game to be released is a fighting game in the style of King of Fighters, featuring characters from the Crypto world. The third game is a run-’n-gun shooter game inspired by Metal Slug.

BurnRocket’s goal is to build a retro gaming ecosystem where people can play many genres of games.  From action, to racing, to strategy and to fighting, the roadmap of games releases will aim to please a large audience by covering many themes and gameplays.

All of the games will be 2D and play-to-earn, with NFT spaceships, featured weapons, skins and upgrades to any vessel to be used in-game.

Play BurnRocket Invaders, earn $BURNROCKET tokens and collect a maximum number of crates for rewards.



  • Mint and collect great NFTs to be used in-game
  • P2E BETA release
  • Earn $BURNROCKET tokens & NFT’s
  • Upgrade and buy skins for your favorite spaceship
  • Swap your tokens inside the metaverse at the Bog Orbital Swap x Bogged Finance
  • Stake $BURNROCKET and get passive income with a high APR
  • Listing on CEX
  •  Integrate live chat between players
  • Gold Edition NFT for “The Destroyer” BurnRocket Invaders spaceship

BurnRocket is holding its first NFT sales in BNB and $BUNROCKET tokens.

Join their Telegram for more info or visit the BurnRocket website. The game is available here.

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