BSCLaunch: An Ecosystem Launcher and Incubator on Binance Smart Chain

Launchpads are an essential aspect of the fundraising process in decentralized Finance (DeFi). BSCLaunch aims to capitalize on other launchpads' weaknesses by providing an array of dapps that provides value to users and projects.

What is BSCLaunch?

BSCLaunch is an intelligent investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It enables projects to raise funds in a decentralized environment, offering safety, freedom, fairness, and equal opportunity to users who participate in fundraising events. It also offers a wide scope of products project launch as an ecosystem, IDO called the Ecosystem IDO.


BSCLaunch will be different from other Launchpad platforms in simple integrations of various dapps into its ecosystem that can cater to low-rise gems and ambitious projects requiring big capital. The dapps that make up all of the essential parts of BSCLaunch are treated separately. This is aimed to give both projects and users increased earning opportunities.

Key Features

  • B-Launch
  • B-Insure
  • B-Farms
  • B-Tools
  • B-Swap
  • B-NFT

Project Components

BSC Launches' various dApps make up the project components. They aim to add a mixed-use case to its ecosystem. Each of these dapps has a different set of functions, funds allocation, IDOs, Teams, and tokens that play specific vital roles.

BSCLaunch All in One platform


The platform starts with the first of its ecosystem, which forms the most essential dapp of them all - the B-Launch. B-Launch will be the launchpad of top-tier projects helping projects bring to a broader audience in the ecosystem. This will be done with the highest, safest, transparent projects with huge potentials.


  • Staking - Pool weights 
  • Guaranteed allocations 
  • Top-tier projects chosen by a council 
  • Sequential Ecosystem Launches (Sequential IDOs) 

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise $800k 
  • Part of 5 Dapps Sequential IDOs 
  • Token: BSL


B-Tools is an Advanced AI tool created to aid a correct analysis of the market and support investors in making the right investment decisions.


  • Analyzing and providing IDO participant demographic. No spammers, no bots, no clones. Fairness is guaranteed. 
  • Providing advanced market analysis tools and market maker tools for all investors to spot investment opportunities. 

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise - $500k 
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch + B-Swap + B-Farm participants 
  • Token: BST


An Automatic Market Maker (AMM) platform and Dex engine will be based on the concept of pooling.


  • On-chain and Cross-chain swap 
  • Allowing investors to swap tokens immediately before and after participating IDOs 
  • Acting as an intermediary to help investors easily move capital between investment channels 

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise - $1.2m 
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch participants 
  • Token: BSW


B-Insure will provide coverage for users of the launchpad. Help protect funds by locking part of the capital raised in the liquidity pool and, in the case of a problem, using part of these funds to make refunds to participants providing an extra layer of protection.


  • Locking part of the capital raised by projects in the liquidity pool increases liquidity while protecting the investors. This helps boosts market confidence and is reflected in token value, determining whether the raised funds return to the project or are permanently locked into the liquidity pool. 
  • Risk Cover – If an expected event (rug pull, smart contract bug, or exchange hack) happens, BSClaunch users are covered. The coverage percentage is based on the amount of BSI token staked.

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise - $750k 
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch + B-Swap + B-Farm + B-Tool + B-NFT participants 
  • Token: BSI 


The B-Farm is designed to encourage long-term productivity by acting as a profit optimizer that allows profit aggregation of token holders and users.


  • Supporting both yield farming and staking 
  • Allowing projects to raise funds via launch pool 

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise - $750k 
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch + B-Swap participants 
  • Token: BSF


B-NFt will allow for the creation and auction of NFT and a wide range of hybrid funding solutions.


  • Offering solutions for non-fungible token creation and auction 
  • Offering a wide range of hybrid funding solutions for the project

Fundraising Info:

  • Low cap Raise - $650k
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch + B-Swap + B-Farm + B-Tool participants
  • Token: BSN

As earlier mentioned, each of these platforms will be launched separately, providing an equal opportunity for investors to take part in each. The team has decided to allocate 30% of the 2nd-6th IDO to participants of the earliest IDO to give users a fair opportunity to participate.

Project Updates

The project has entered into a series of partnerships in preparation for its launch. The partnerships are strategic as each fulfills different functions in the projects.

The platform has recently partnered with AU21, the backers of the most brilliant founders in the blockchain. The partnership will offer solutions that will help investors feel more secure when investing in this potential market. 

Top leading Vietnam incubator has entered a partnership deal with BSCLaunch to drive a vigorous mass DeFi adoption.

BSC News Partnership 

Partnership with the number one news base platform for all DeFi news on the Binance Smart Chain network. The partnership will afford BSCLaunch speedy dissemination of information as BSC News becomes its media cover providing all the most practical, valuable, fastest information about BSCLaunch and the crypto market.

The above partnerships are only three of the increasing strategic partnerships entered in the past few days. The other alliances include but not limited to the following:

  • PETROCK Capital - to bring significant changes and opportunities to DeFi lovers.
  • BTA Ventures - a long-term strategic partnership to reshape the future of Finance.
  • Among Others

In other news, BSCLaunch closed an $800k strategic fundraising round and almost 10X oversubscribed!

The round was supported by a constellation of partners, including NGC Capital, AU21 Capital, X21 Digital, Exnetwork Capital, Magnus Capital, Blocksync Ventures, CSP DAO Network, Titans Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Sky Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, Petrock Capital, Moon Inc, Dorahacks, s, Coinsight Ventures, BTA Ventures, Avstar Capital, Infinity Gainz, SL2 Capital, ICO Pantera, R8 Capital, Gains Associates, Minted Labs, and Panda Capital.


$BSL will be the native token of the platform with a 100,000 000 total supply

$BSL Token Allocation 

Token Allocation 

  • Marketing - 22%
  • Seed Round - 8.8%
  • Private Sales - 10.0%
  • Public Sales - 1.0%
  • DEX/TGE - 2.0%
  • Team - 15.0%
  • Reserve - 15.0%
  • Airdrop - 1.0%
  • Ecosystem Incetives - 11.0%
  • Liquidity Pool Rewards - 15.0%


The dApp development started in 2020; this included the market and product research as well. The following roadmap has been developed for 2021 & 2022.

BSCLaunch Roadmap

Q2 2021

  • Fundraising & IDO B-Launch
  • Fundraising & IDO B-Swap
  • Fundraising & IDO B-Farm
  • Fundraising & IDO B-Tool
  • Fundraising & IDO B-NFT
  • Fundraising & IDO B-Insure
  • Release B-Swap v1.0
  • Release B-Launch
  • Release B-Farm
  • Release B-Insure v1.0
  • Testnet B-Tool
  • Testnet B-NFT
  • Document

Q3 2021

  • Release B-Tool v1.0
  • Release B-NFT 1.0
  • Listing top CEX
  • Testnet B-Insure v2.0
  • Testnet B-Swap v2.0
  • Testnet B-Tool v2.0

Q4 2021

  • Release B-Insure v2.0
  • Release B-Tool v2.0
  • Wallet BSClaunch
  • Mobile app
  • Testnet B-NFT v2.0

Q1 2022

  • Release B-Swap v2.0
  • Release B-NFT v2.0
  • Roadmap update

The project Q2 development is currently in full swing. The IDOs are yet to be opened. The whitelist for IDO will be opened on 23 April, as announced. Afterward, this will be followed by the launch of the various dApps.

In Conclusion

The teams plan to launch separate dapps with their teams, projects, and tokens is a novel one, creating an IDO launchpad ecosystem. This will allow each dApp to contribute to the growth of the BSCLaunch ecosystem. This ecosystem provides participating projects with quality tools and DeFi foundations to help realize the true value and protect users’ funds.

Users who wish to learn more about BSCLaunch should check out the following resources and media pages:





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