BSCex Launches a Novel Liquidity Farming Referral Program: LaunchPoolX V2

BSCex's latest product, LaunchPoolX V2, allows users to earn newly listed tokens, such as zSeed, through providing liquidity on their AMM. The team has also incorporated a unique referral program that allows users to earn while referring their friends to BSCex.

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February 16, 2021
Project Insight

What Is BSCex?

BSCex is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that aims to facilitate the services that exchange-centered ecosystems provide. This project's primary goal is to bring Binance's off-chain services on-chain to the  Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSCex attempts to achieve this goal by leveraging its Cross Liquidity Layer 2, integrating its LaunchPadX/LaunchPoolX, and launching its DexX. These features will be explained in-depth as well as outlined in the roadmap.

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LaunchPoolX V2

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LaunchpoolX is a type of initial farm offering (IFO) integrated into the BSCex ecosystem. This product allows users to stake LP tokens to receive brand new tokens from the latest BSC Dapps. These rewards are distributed to users proportionally based on the amount of LP tokens that are staked and act as an incentive to create BSCX liquidity. The BSCex LaunchPoolX v2 supports multiple wallets, such as ezDeFi, Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coin 98 Wallet, and WalletConnect.

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Users can currently provide the following LP tokens to earn zSEED: BSCX/BUSD, BSCX/BNB, BSCX/CAKE, zSEED/BSCX, and zSEED/BNB. This system allows users to participate in coin offerings without having to put up a large sum of capital. On top of this, it is a unique partnership that enables both protocols to benefit from the additional liquidity and users that are bootstrapped. 

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Referral Program

The team at BSCex has also integrated a novel referral system on the Binance Smart Chain. Users who hold at least 30 BSCX-BUSD LP’s will become eligible to send users a referral link, receiving a 7% referral commission. For those who hold over 300 BSCX-BUSD LP’s, they will be added to the 2-Tier Referral Program. This referral program is in addition to the Tier 1 rewards as it allows users to earn an extra 3% commission for a total of 10%. For users to maintain their referral links they must hold these LP tokens in their wallet, once the tokens are transferred or removed from the wallet the referral link we be inactive.

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Users will be paid in commission using the same token hosted in the LaunchPadX product. This allows BSCex users to refer friends and community members, allowing them to earn new project tokens. This is a simple way to show somebody the powers of BSCex and earn a small commission in doing so! Who knows what cool newly launched token you will be earning next?

Note: this Referral Program works best on Wallet Browser Extensions (i.e. EzDeFi, Metmak, etc.) Mobile Wallets such as: EzDeFi. Trust Wallet and other Wallets will not work probably due to the lack of cookies features on their Dapp browsers.

Concluding Thoughts

The BSCex team has continued to pioneer innovation on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), bringing centralized tools to all users in a permissionless and decentralized fashion. Their latest product, LaunchPoolX V2 allows users to earn newly listed tokens, such as zSeed, through providing liquidity on their AMM. The team has also incorporated a unique referral program that allows users to earn while referring their friends to BSCex. Overall, the team continues to build and innovate here on the BSC, and I don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon. To date, the protocol has experienced extreme success and the team seems to have more in store!

For more information, or if you wish to stay up to date on the project, check out project and media pages:





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