BSC NFT GameFi Project World of Defish to Giveaway 1.5 Million Tokens

The number of tokens appears to be huge, but much will depend on how successful the GameFi project can actually prove to be.

Dardania Havolli
November 21, 2021
BSC News

GameFi Project World of Defish Launches Giveaway

With its IDO due to take place in December, touted project World of Defish is getting ready to give away 1.5 million of $WOD. 

The pre-IDO event is designed to offer prospective users the chance to stock up on the project’s native token.

“We are excited to open a HUGE 1,500,000 $WOD giveaway Gleam campaign!” the team announced via Gleam on November 6th. “World of Defish gives to our community the biggest chance to secure their $WOD before the IDO in December and earn BIG TIME!”

With the project still in its infancy, many will err on the side of caution, and rightfully so. However, the requirements to be in with a chance of winning are simple enough.


There are several ways to enter, according to the team. From following the project on Twitter to offering a Retweet, the tasks seem harmless enough. Likewise, with their Telegram group, before providing the URL to evidence your retweets or follows. Finally, you enter your BEP address and are registered with a chance to win.

World of Delfish Giveaway Details

The winners will be discerned in the following manner:

Total Lucky Winners: 2,500 Members

Tokens Allocation: 

1st place - 1 - 500 winners - receive 60% of the tokens

2nd place - 501 - 1,500 winners - receive 30% of the tokens

3rd place - 1,501 - 2,500 winners after - receive 10% of the tokens

The giveaway will run until January 30, 2022. To be able to participate, your Twitter account must be at least two months old. The tokens will be distributed after the end of the giveaway per the vesting schedule. Winners will be rewarded in $WOD tokens. The public sale price of 1 $WOD token is $0.026.

What is World of Defish

World of Defish is a decentralized NFT gaming universe running on BSC. We inspire to give our users a journey to the most beautiful and mysterious places to hunt for collectible NFT fish. It is a futuristic world with endless factions, where players can upgrade their equipment, improve their skills, buy zones, compete with other players, and trade on the marketplace.

Where to Find World of Defish:

Website | Deck | Tokenmetrics

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