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BSC News NFT Minting Details

Minting the BSC News NFT? Here are all the details you need.

How to Mint the BSC News NFT

The BSC News NFT mint is fast approaching, meaning that to access all of our Premium content plus BNB Chain ecosystem perks, you’ll need to know how to mint the NFT.

While the minting process is fairly simple, it can be confusing to users who have never minted an NFT. This article will explain how you can mint your own BSC News NFT and gain access to all of its associated benefits.

If you’re unfamiliar with BNB Chain and use MetaMask, check out our explainer on how to connect the MetaMask wallet to BNB Chain.

The When and Where

The mint will be taking place on Rareboard, BabySwap, and NFTb on September 14, with the Whitelist mint exclusive to Rareboard and taking place 24 hours earlier on September 13, by 2 PM UTC. Users will be able to access the mint links on the BSC News NFT Discord server or via pinned tweets on the @BSCNews and @BSCNewsNFT Twitter accounts.

In order to ensure safety, make sure that the mint link was tweeted by these official accounts. On the BSC News NFT Discord, the official links will be posted in either the announcement or official links channel by a BSC News team member. Do not click any links posted in other channels or by users who are not affiliated with the BSC News team.

Minting will cost 0.4 BNB per NFT with no amount limit during the public sale.

Whitelist Details

BSC News NFT has been and will continue to give away whitelist slots to the community in raffles with partners, competitions, and other opportunities. Having a whitelist slot guarantees your ability to mint the NFT and grants a discounted mint rate of 0.3 BNB (limited to 3 per whitelisted wallet), a discount of 0.1 BNB per NFT (or 0.3 if all three allotted NFTs are minted)!

Rareboard WL Mint Details:


Date: September 13

Time: 2 PM UTC

If you plan on minting multiple NFTs (or enjoy discounts in general), follow our social media pages to find out about whitelist opportunities.

Visit the BSC News NFT Twitter, Discord, and website to learn more!

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