BNBHyperRise Prepares to Launch at the Miami Crypto Expo

The gamified staking platform looks to take advantage of the massive exposure their launch event will bring.

November 5, 2021

BNB Hyper Rise Gears Up to Launch

BNB Hyper Rise will be launching their project at the Miami Crypto Expo in a three-stage launch that will capitalize on the hype surrounding the crypto event. The special launch is part of an extensive marketing campaign that has brought significant attention to the project, which will transition into a post-launch campaign to build their community.

The developers are currently holding a contest where entrants have an opportunity to secure a coveted Whitelist spot by completing a few simple tasks. Winners will be selected from all entrants who successfully finish the necessary tasks, which include sharing referral links and promoting the launch on social media.

The Miami Crypto Expo Launch

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Expo, 7 projects managed to 100x just by attending. The exposure the convention grants could help BNB Hyper Rise to do even bigger numbers as they are actually launching their project during the event!

The three-stage launch will take place from November 10th through November 12th (the days the Expo is running). Whitelist entries close on the 9th, meaning you have only a few short days to try to secure a spot! On the 10th, the presale will be held during the first day of the convention at 3:00 PM EST. The next day, BNB Hyper Rise will officially launch at 3:00 PM EST, activating their smart contract. On the 12th, their Hyper Rocket idle game will launch at 3:00 PM EST and users can start earning BNB. 

What is BNB Hyper Rise?

BNB Hyper Rise is an elastic supply, manual rebasing token on Binance Smart Chain (BNB). The platform is centered around gamified staking, specifically an idle game titled Hyper Rocket. 

Hyper Rocket allows users to earn BNB while also adding to the buyback wallet for BNB Hyper Rise. The game consists of a variety of spaceships, each with their own variables in terms of staking length and percentage of returns. Users can deposit any amount of BNB into the spaceships and start earning rewards. There will also be a referral program in the future to earn even more BNB for helping to build the user base.

The buyback wallet built into the game will help stabilize the floor of their token as well as pump the price, working in tandem with the manual rebasing of the token supply. 

Hyper Fuel Div

A portion of BNB from the game will be sent to a separate equity token titled Hyper Fuel Div. This token can be purchased on PancakeSwap. Hyper Fuel Div will be stakeable with rewards dispersed in Div.


Token Ticker: HyperRise

Total Supply: Elastic with manual rebasing.

There is a 15% tax on every HyperRise transaction, of which the distribution is shown above. With the manual rebasing of the token, there is opportunity for massive pumps 



After their launch, BNB Hyper Rise plans to continue developing their platform even further. The team has revealed they are in the process of building an exciting dashboard. The dashboard will allow players unique access to blockchain gaming. The full details will be revealed by the team at a later date.

Excitement Abounds

With their launch imminent, BNB Hyper Rise is already gaining momentum. By leveraging the massive community present at the Miami Crypto Expo, there is a significant chance that the token will see immediate adoption by the conference attendees - thereby increasing its value substantially.

With their simple but rewarding mechanics in their Hyper Rocket game and manual rebasing token, BNB Hyper Rise offers a uniquely profitable platform for investors. 

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