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BNB Chain Unveils 4th Group of MVB IV Incubation

Seven new projects will receive special attention to help boost their prospects to grow on BNB Chain.

Seven New Projects Incubated

Seven projects on the BNB Chain have been accepted into the fourth group of the Most Valuable Builder IV Campaign’s incubation program.

The list was announced on March 9, and the seven projects are expected to receive a series of incubation benefits. The BNB Chain implements incubation programs to help onboard and accelerate the progress of new projects in the space. The groups will receive at least ten events that include like fireside chats and masterclasses.

Seven Projects:


Each of these projects seeks to excel in a different sector of the BNB ecosystem. Whether it is gaming with Star Sharks or Cosmic Guild, to DAOs with PearDAO and SubDAO, and even Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with GAT Network and Hashflow.

The MVB IV program is in full swing with the most recent incubation update. The program will last until April 2022. InsureAce was recently announced as the most recent entrant to the program on March 7, with an emphasis on security.

The BSC News team held a summit with projects from the MVB IV including Wombat Exchange, Zecrey, Go Plus, and Metasset. Catch the summit below:

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