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BNB Chain Begins New Era with DeFi League

Some of the most successful projects in crypto have teamed up to work toward the agreed-upon objectives.

Web3 Projects Unite for Common Goal

BNB Chain has officially formed the DeFi League made up of leading projects who have teamed up to boost innovation, security, and growth.

As news of the rebrand to BNB Chain was revealed, expectations rose regarding what new initiatives this would lead to and in just days we are beginning to find out. The DeFi League, sounding like a group of superheroes, will see these projects work together as never before to help strengthen the sense of community on the chain as well spur each other on toward further innovation.

“Its long-term and communal approach will strengthen the use cases and security in DeFi, develop new products, and provide more possibilities. It will help thoroughly debate and test all new features before deployment, enhancing security and eliminating technical issues and bugs,” Binance revealed in a lengthy Twitter thread on February 16.

Thirteen founding members made up of some of the most successful projects on the chain have been outlined in an extensive list below. 

PancakeSwap, LayerZero Labs, NodeReal, MCDEX, Dodo, Venus Protocol, Deri Protocol, Tranchess, Celer Network, Alpaca Finance, ApolloX, Chainlink, and GSR.

DeFi League Aims

The newly formed DeFi League outlined the three main areas they intend to focus on: 

  • Innovation 

Listen to the community and focus on building pioneering products that deliver new experiences to users. The DeFi League will concentrate on the most demanded features by the community and build wanted products.

  • Community 

The league's approach to marketing will change how projects communicate with their audiences, creating a more collaborative environment in the process. It will develop more user-friendly and digestible approaches to initial launches and fundraising.

  • Security 

The DeFi League will accelerate efforts in developing a more secure environment for users, assets, and data. Security is a critical foundation for products that users can trust and rely on.

BSC News looks forward to following just what kind of innovation this kind of collaboration can bring about.

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