Blizzard Money Announces a Gaming Governance Token TUSK, Expanding the BLZD Ecosystem

The partnership with YTHO looks to bring a massive gaming platform with tons of gaming dApps to the Blizzard community.

John Tunney
June 16, 2021
BSC News

Mammoth-Sized Gaming

On June 16th, Blizzard.Money officially announced their huge partnership with YTHO via their Medium page. The partnership will bring big benefits to the Blizzard community, as YTHO is already in development of an online gaming platform. The YTHO gaming platform will soon be brought into the Blizzard Ecosystem and will be rebranded as Mammoth Gaming.


Mammoth Gaming will soon look like a massive collection of casino style dApps. Users and investors from across the globe will be able to wager their xBLZD, Blizzard.Money’s native token, on games of chance. The games will look similarly to games such as simple Dice, Blackjack, and custom RNG-based games such as Roobet’s “Crash” or NFT loot boxes.

Mammoth Tusks

The update from Blizzard.Money didn’t end there. The protocol also introduced a new governance token, TUSK, which will be able to be acquired via Blizzard Money’s farming pools. Users can stake xBLZD and earn TUSK via the new pools. The farming for TUSK is scheduled to begin June 21st. 

The two new pools are the only ways users can farm TUSK, which serves to limit the supply distributions. The farming on Blizzard.Money will abide by the following guidelines:  

  • - TUSK-BNB: The pool will have high emissions at 5x.
  • - xBLZD staking for TUSK will be in the Blizzard section with a 2x multiplier.

Another key feature to note is farming is limited, as only 58,000 TUSK tokens will be farmable for 60 days. Blizzard.Money will be offering an initial amount of liquidity for users who want to purchase the token directly and/or take advantage of the higher emissions given to the TUSK-BNB pool. When in Blizzard’s virtual casino, xBLZD will be the primary token of use for those playing on Blizzard’s gaming platform. This will require users to purchase xBLZD before engaging with the platform.

What is Blizzard.Money?

Blizzard.Money is one of the top yield farms on Binance Smart Chain, as they have built a platform around security, transparency, and embodying a community-first attitude. The project has been forked from PancakeSwap, which has been the base code for many other solid projects. 

What is YTHO?

YTHO Online is a decentralized casino where investors can play and also be a part of the house. The farms on YTHO are built to pay out winners and collect house winnings and then redistribute the house winning to the YTHO house. Their goal is to create a fun community-owned casino in a decentralized format.

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