BLiquid Launches its Limited "Faucet Farming"

BLiquid has launched its "BLIQ Faucet", allocating about $25,000 of BNB/BLIQ LP tokens in farming rewards.

Goon Trades
December 10, 2020
Project Insight

BLIQ Launches its "Faucet Farming"

After a successful launch and over $20,000 in perpetual liquidity, BLiquid is continuing to move forward and sparking further innovation on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BLIQ team had initially pooled 100 BNB / 7999 BLIQ to provide liquidity for their project launch. After two weeks, this has now appreciated to 454 BNB / 1,097 BLIQ (~$25,000). The team has opted to distribute these LP tokens to users who provide BNB/BLIQ CAKE-LP’s, opening up farming to the community.

Earn BLIQ & BNB!

Since the BLiquid farming rewards will distribute the initial BNB/BLIQ tokens, users will simultaneously earn both these tokens in the form of CAKE-LP’s. For users who wish to unwrap their LP tokens, they will then have access to the BNB and BLIQ.

Users will earn their rewards once they begin staking their CAKE-LP tokens on the BLiquid farming tab. The BLIQ team has decided to lock users’ staked LP tokens for the first 48 hours of the pool’s inception to reduce users’ risk of the price dumping. These farming rewards will be active for five days (ends on December 14, 2020), as rewards halve daily.

The following distribution curve represents the BNB/BLIQ farming rewards:

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This emission schedule rewards those who begin farming early, so don’t miss out while the getting is good!

Wrap Up

Overall, the BLIQ faucet allows users to earn an ample amount of both BNB and BLIQ without having to worry about their rewards being inflationary tokens. The only other competitive BNB yields on the BSC can be found in PancakeSwaps’ BNB reward pool.

As there are only so many LP tokens to distribute, this is only a temporary farming opportunity. This “faucet” is truly unique as it rewards users using CAKE-LP’s. These rewards will be exhausted quickly, so it may be worthwhile to look into!

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