BiShares BiGame Fund Goes Live Offering Users NFT GameFi and Play to Earn Exposure

The dETF project on Binance Smart Chain has added the Play-to-Earn NFT GameFi sector to its growing list of products.

Utulu Hope
September 16, 2021
BSC News

BiShares BiGame Fund Goes Live

The BiShares BiGame Fund has launched. The new fund will allow users to invest in the GameFi ecosystem without managing any curated Play-to-Earn Non-fungible tokens (NFT) individually.  

BiShares brings Decentralized Exchange Traded funds (dETF) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the latest dETF comprises projects in the GameFi ecosystem. The dETFs protocol published the news on Twitter moments after launch, listing the numerous tokens that make up the dETF product. 

“BiGame is LIVE! Congratulations to the underlying tokens making the fund! $AXS $SKILL $CYT $MOBOX $REVV $SFUND $POTS,” Bishares tweeted on 15th September. 

BiShares has been making worthwhile progress in its stated roadmap and this is another progressive step. The BiShares platform offers a basket of tokens in different market sectors such as the NFT sector, Decentralized Exchange (DEX) sector, chain sector, etc. With this in mind, the BiGame Fund offers users exposure to multiple tokens in the Play-to-earn NFT GameFi ecosystem. 


BiShares BiGame Fund, through its intuitive dETF feature, offers a pathway into getting exposure to the GameFi ecosystem without taking too much risk. Users can now visit the BiShares webpage to access the new fund and invest without monitoring NFT GameFi protocols individually. 

BiGame Fund Line Up

As we stated earlier, the BiGame fund is a curated selection of tokens on the GameFi market sector with different weighting percentages, including the native $BISON. Every asset in the GameFi dETF will be minted as one token using the weighting percentages. 

Popular DEX on BSC, ApeSwap, tweeted on 15th September, listing the different NFT GameFi tokens and their respective weighting percentages. They include:

Axie Infinity has the highest weighting percentage of 20%, CryptoBlades comes second with an 18% weighting percentage, Dragonary — 14%, Seedify, REVV, MOBOX and Moonpot have a weighting percentage of 11%. Lastly, the BiShares token has a weighting percentage of 4%.


BiShares funds are available to anyone, and each token holds all the underlying assets of an ecosystem, offering a unique investment strategy on BSC. The GameFi dETF is just one of the numerous dETF products that will be created in the future. Till then, users can enjoy the benefit of managing all NFT GameFi projects all in one place through the BiShares BiGame Fund. 

What is BiShares? 

BiShares is a platform built on BSC, offering decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETFS). The goal of the project is to be a safe haven for diversification with different risk exposure funds suitable to different profiles or market sectors. 

BiShares is created for seasoned and new crypto traders to invest in different market sectors and ecosystems without managing numerous tokens individually. 

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