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Binemon Revises Season 19 Rewards

Skill gem rewards from the PvE game mode in the BNB Chain PlayToEarn gamefi project’s ecosystem will no longer be available with the reward revision for the next season.

Binamon's Balancing Act

BNB Chain PlayToEarn gaming project, Binemon, has decided to rebalance its rewards for the upcoming season.

The team behind Binemon announced the revision through a tweet on February 26. As part of the revisions for next season, the player versus environment game mode will no longer be a source of skill gems. PvE will now focus on the experience gained by mons. 

“We, Binemon Team, are fully aware of the circumstances. Since the beginning, we have set Binemon’s goals to be a sustainable operation that effectively exists in the market long enough for the team to refine the project’s core: product.” Binemon said in a medium post. “Meanwhile, during the process, we strive to ensure a basic income for the community to continue to accompany the project and contribute to the mutual growth, heading towards an absolute target of us: The billions market cap project. When the mutual goals are met, all individual goals of every companion will also be fulfilled.”

The rebalancing for Binemon’s season 19 will see bronze and silver players getting two and four skill gem mystery fragments respectively during each seven day session through a converted AMB & BNB earning percentage through the PvP game mode. Skill gems are valuable resources that, according to the team, could equal your initial investment in NFT mons. The discontinued issuance through PvE creates a natural scarcity of the item.

Learn more about the PvP season 19 rebalancing by reading Binemon’s Medium post.

What is Binemon?

Binemon is a virtual pet non-fungible token (NFT) game on Binance Smart Chain, combining elements of an idle RPG game. Players can collect and trade eggs, ambrosia (fusion), characters, items and land. In addition, players are connected to fight in player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) modes and receive cryptocurrency rewards. Designed in a comic-like style reminiscent of Pokemon, the game is set on Planet Earth with creatures called “Mons”, created by extraterrestrial creatures and now live on four different continents. These Mons are NFTs that players can collect and use to battle other players and their Mons. Players can also explore the infinite open-world landscape and collect Ambrosia (AMB), the in-game commodity that upgrades and empowers their mons.

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