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Binance US CEO Brian Shroder Pens Letter Looking Ahead to 2022

In a letter to the crypto community Binance US CEO is confident of building on the incredible success the organization has already enjoyed thus far.

New Year’s Message from Binance US CEO

The Binance US Chief looked forward to the year ahead as he penned a list of important initiatives Binance will be working on throughout the year. 

In a letter addressed to the entire Binance US community on January 6, Shroder meditated on the incredible year of growth Binance and the US franchise had enjoyed while emphasizing the importance of building trust before turning to the future.  

“As we start the new year with fresh momentum, I’m confident that the Binance.US community will continue growing in the best of ways.” 

Indeed Shroder set down many of the ways his team will continue to develop and maintain the important progress that has already been made:

“1) Continuing to bring you the lowest fees you’ll find anywhere in America. 2) Expanding our safe and reliable platform to bring you the speed, stability, and security customers need. 3) Growing our customer service capabilities to serve you better and more quickly.”

Shroder came to Binance US in September as President, only to be promoted to CEO in October after a revolving door at the help. He has done well to steer the ship in his first months and continues to make Binance US a relative player in the United States. aiming for a potential IPO, 2022 can be a test to the team and project Binance US can build. Which led to Shroder's next point.

“4) Building more crypto education initiatives to help bridge the knowledge gap when it comes to digital assets."

There is then recognition of the potential to grow the space, but this can only be achieved through education and a willingness to onboard others. 

“5) Delivering new token listings and products to help connect you to and allow you to participate in exciting new crypto projects and tokens. On this last note, we'll have some important new listings to share in the weeks ahead.”

The final note is one of optimism. There is an indication that developers and innovators who have yet to formulate their projects have not run out of time and that Binance is always on the lookout for the next exciting project or idea. 

The letter as a whole pens bullish sentiments about what is to come and speaks proudly of what has already been. We look forward to similar letters that recount even further achievement in the coming year.

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