Binance Smart Chain Preps for Mars Mission, Incentivising Growth Through the Martian Program

Binance Smart Chain has announced their Mars Mission; a series of initiatives to bring the next-gen financial infrastructure to fruition.

Robert D. Knight
June 23, 2021
BSC News

Binance’s Mars Mission

In a neat piece of marketing, Binance Smart Chain has dubbed its latest program of efforts its ‘Martian Program.’ The Martian Program will see Binance Smart Chain replace legacy technologies with decentralized and innovative projects. To support that move from legacy systems to the Web 3.0 BSC will present exciting career opportunities for members.

Apply Today

To make the Martian Program a reality Binance Smart Chain are seeking applicants. BSC makes a point of highlighting regions like Russia, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Taiwan and India as places that may find this initiative of interest.

The benefits of the program as outlined by BSC are as follows:

Support from the BSC ecosystem: Projects can gain exposure from some of the very top DeFi projects in the BSC ecosystem. Help projects build & scale for the masses and provide them with the opportunity to grow under the $100M BSC accelerator fund. 

Networking opportunities: The Martian Program offers the chance to build relationships with industry leaders and gain access to the best infrastructure partners on BSC. Those involved may also take advantage of events in their region, support BSC hackathons, run meetups online and offline with communities, and get to interact with a huge dev and user base.

Career development: Grow from community coordinators to other roles in the ecosystem. Those involved can expect to develop strong functional skills, increase their career capital and build their professional portfolio.

BSC Swag: Gain access to cool *unreleased* BSC swags and receives free hampers to distribute in your communities.

Event Access: Free event access to BSC events, including hackathons, meetups, accelerator programs, and more.

BSC: A Growing Ecosystem

Those who join the BSC Martian Program will join a rapidly expanding ecosystem. A grand total of 650+ projects are currently being built on BSC. This consists of 100+ NFT projects and 450+ DeFi projects. Further to that there are gaming, tooling, wallets, and community-backed protocols. It all adds to the burgeoning BSC network. All in all, there has probably neve been a better time to join Binance Smart Chain.

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Robert D. Knight

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