Binance NFT Marketplace to List NFTs Based On Ugandan Museum Artifacts

The Uganda National Museum will create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be put on display and auctioned on Binance’s marketplace in a partnership with Murcom.

Chung Yee
June 11, 2021
Blockchain News

Instant History

The Uganda National Museum will be creating digital representations in the form of NFTs to be displayed and auctioned on the Binance NFT Marketplace. In an announcement made on June 9, 2021, it was disclosed MUDA will be undertaking the role of producing digital representations of the various items held under the Museum’s custody. MUDA is an NFT platform operated by Murcom, a software growth agency. These digital representations will be in the form of NFTs  and will be part of Binance’s NFT ‘100 Creators’ campaign. The campaign aims to bring creators from around the world and display the different cultures through NFTs. 


The Value of History

The announcement is notable because this promotes historical artifacts as a digital medium. Digital media is firmly entrenched in modern society. History has needed a new outlet in order to remain alive with a new generation. Blockchain technology allows artists to express their cultural background to a wide audience - and it also allows for history to be shared in a more inviting format. 


Murcom is a Ugandan company, so this partnership grants the bonus of sharing their culture with the world. They benefit from the notoriety of the art, which enhances their reputation in the crypto space as an exclusive provider. The NFTs will also attract a new audience that are interested in the NFT due to an appreciation of the physical art. The convenience of NFT purchasing allows them to feel as if they own a piece of the art themselves, enticing them to join the market.

The Future and Past Converge Through NFTs

The entire vision of innovation in the NFT space has always been focused on the future. The project undertaken by MUDA to bring Uganda’s National Museum to a wide audience was a rather ingenious move. It shines the limelight on an often overlooked subject in a convenient and innovative manner. Now, culture and history now has a new form, a digital form. The NFT could reignite a global interest in historical artifacts, and shine a light on underappreciated media.

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Chung Yee

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