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Binance Labs Backed StarSharks Launches 1st Game

The Shark-themed metaverse has gotten its first game after recently closing a $4.8 million funding round with eminent investors involved.

Shark Metaverse Gamified

The Binance Labs backed protocol, StarSharks, has finally launched its first game out of the total five games in the Shark metaverse, named, StarSharks.Warriors.

It is a turn-based card game wherein the gamer’s objective is to eliminate all of their opponent's sharks. The shark NFTs on the platform can be battled, raised, and synthesized. StarSharks.Warriors is essentially a combat game where each player starts with six skill cards that are allotted at random. The game can be played in two modes, Player Vs. Environment (PvE) and Player Vs. Player (PvP). The former has an adventure mode that is being continuously developed.

“We are excited and ready to bring people together to the StarSharks metaverse with the first game on this platform: StarShark.Warriors. It is a milestone and the beginning of our journey to become an inclusive, passionate and creative community. We hope that the community will enjoy the ‘StarSharks.Warriors’ game and look forward to building future adventures and experiences with the StarSharks community,” mentioned Franky, the CEO of StarSharks, in a statement.

Source: StarSharks Twitter

As previously reported by Bsc.News, StarStarks received funding of $4.8 million from over 30 institutional investors, including Binance Labs, DAO Maker, Three Commas Capital, Labs, Hyperedge Capital, and Everest Ventures Group. The shark metaverse will ultimately have 5 games, and users will be able to transfer assets between these games seamlessly.

What is StarSharks?

StarSharks is a GameFi platform that is community focused allowing players, developers, and investors to together define the value evolution of underlying NFTs in the ecosystem. The protocol aims to disrupt the existing GameFi space by enabling a metaverse wherein assets are transferable across various games.

Find more about StarSharks here:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram | YouTube

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