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Binance Investment Director, Ken Li Joins Bitcoin News Podcast

Investment Director emphasizes the infrastructure of Web3 and the need for talented programmers as a key focus to his attention.

Binance Labs: Important Incubator 

The Binance Labs Investment Director, Ken Li, joined the News Podcast on December 9th to talk about the many ways in which the innovation arm of Binance Global facilitates incubation on Binance Smart Chain and crypto as a whole. 

Binance Labs can help build out on the growing trend of developers who are adapting to web3. As more projects and daily activities get put on chain the demand for developers grows and grows. Binance Labs hopes to incubate projects that will attract these developers to on-chain projects and build out global attention organically. 

“One area we are particularly interested in is network and tooling that supports the evolution and growth that we see as the web2 developer population slowly moving into web3 to build more crypto native projects and applications,” Li said.

Li spearheads the Binance Labs incubation program and he sees specific potential in bringing the developers and coders of Web 2 into Web 3. Helping build tools and infrastructure will make the construction of native on-chain projects that much easier. 

Binance Labs plays a vital role in helping a wide range of projects and protocols develop for the future. The Bitcoin News Podcast host Avi made sure that Ken showed the audience how Binance Labs has been helpful in launching such projects as Polygon (Matic), Injectivem Sandbox, and more. 

“Our overall mindset is really to focus on whatever we think is most innovative and most important for the crypto ecosystem both for today and the future, to the next three, five, and ten years,” Li explained. 

Binance Labs invested $150 million towards 50 projects since it began and has recently announced its Season 3 Incubation program. 

The focus of Binance Labs has long been to back infrastructure projects but the research hub has seen exciting opportunities in trends like gaming, social networking, and more. Just the past week, Binance Labs announced a $1.5 Million Seed Round for the SocialFi project, BBS Network. 

To listen to the entire podcast, follow the link here.

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Binance Labs

Binance Labs is the venture capital and incubation arm of, and focuses on identifying, investing in, and empowering viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities. Binance Labs is a chain-agnostic investor and incubator focused on supporting the global blockchain ecosystem and decentralized web. The Binance Labs portfolio includes successful projects like 1inch Network, Audius, Axie Infinity, Chiliz, Elrond, Injective, Matic / Polygon, Sandbox, and Terra.

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