Binance Incubated Star Sharks Launches Meme Contest

The recent winner of Binance funding has announced a meme contest with 20 NFTs to giveaway.

Robert D. Knight
November 15, 2021
BSC News

NFT Sharks

Star Sharks has announced a meme contest with 20 NFTs on offer. The NFT GameFi project, which recently won a major investment from Binance, will conduct the contest through its Discord server

After navigating to the company Discord competition entrants must ensure to send their meme to the #meme-contest channel. On the channel itself, the entries are now rolling in, displaying a group of participants with varying artistic ability levels.

We are excited to announce that we will be having a meme contest for Sharks,” said Star Sharks in its November 13th announcement tweet. “Let’s dive into the deep sea!”

In total 20 winners will be selected from the entries, with each winner claiming an NFT on the Star Sharks mainnet.

Uncle Shark wants YOU (Source)

About Star Sharks

Shark-metaverse is an ocean ecology-based world that makes use of the SEA-SSS dual token economic model as its underlying asset. Star Sharks further intends to implement a referral system on top of an innovative “rent-to-play” feature. This will allow players with less working capital to rent NFTs rather than buy, and for NFT owners with less available playing time to rent their NFTs for profit.

The game is also built to foster social cohesion and teamwork with players invited to create their own partnerships and unions in-game.

For more information about Star Sharks, refer to their media pages below:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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