Binance Details November Allocations of $1 Billion Growth Fund

The team at Binance Smart Chain has been busy since the launch of the $1 billion growth fund.

Robert D. Knight
December 5, 2021
BSC News

Binance Smart Chain Grows Network

Binance Smart Chain has offered an in-depth look into how they have allocated their billion dollar growth fund. 

The team has focused on four areas.

  1. Talent development

For the development of talent, BSC has focused on four main areas - awareness events, internship and job opportunities, community support, investments.

  1. Liquidity incentive program

Over the past month, Deri Protocol, MCDEX, Decentral Games, and WooTrade have received liquidity from this program.

  1. Builder and incubation program

The builder and incubation program includes hackathons and the most valuable builder scheme.

  1. Investment program

In the past month Binace have invested in a few promising projects which includes Deri Protocol, MCDEX, Project Galaxy.

In particular Binance Smart Chain has been able to lever =age the billion to accelerate the growth of many a decentralized project.

“Since the announcement of the Binance Smart Chain's $1 Billion Fund in October, we have made tremendous progress deploying the funds,” said BSC in a blog dated November 29th. “The fund accelerated the growth of various decentralized projects and pushed the adoption of not only BSC but the whole blockchain industry.”
How the BSC money is being spent | Source

Binance recently signed a deal with Animoca which will see the latter company provide an additional $100 million of funding for GameFi projects on BSC. Binance Smart Chain had already earmarked a similar sum for GameFi from the $1 billion growth fund.

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